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Flaming Swords – Sunz Of Man

My sons, absolutes, and friends I like the idea of being a soldier, in the army of the lord (continues preaching) Arch Rivals We got the Kingston young ones over there running scared They aint seem to have a problem and its a bad one Ahh man, Sunz of Man teaching everywhere got the children […]

Cold – Sunz Of Man

I walked away and I lived too cold Intro: Hell Razah This goes out. This what y’all niggaz all been looking for. A litte story for all my brothers. You know what I’m saying? Sunz of Man return. We gon’ walk on by and keep it moving. Just when it got cold. Cold Sunz we […]

Collaboration ’98 – Sunz Of Man

So what we smoke cancer sticks and weed and all that good shit Fuck the world, word up Sunz of Man, Method Man, True Mast’, collabora-tion Chorus: Can’t you see my love even though we be with thugs Brothers want grub gotta take it in blood Because is you down or are you down just […]

Next Up – Sunz Of Man

I traveled so far Im chewin niggas lyrics for a Mars bar New era, bust em like reign terror So highly Mecca Nas a nigga died and measured The inevitable, beyond the ever so, this deadly technical Scribes get revised in the time before celestial No being or lyric ever hit precise, double sight Take […]