In Between – Supertones

Half of me slave, the other half free. Righteous and sinful, both at the same time. Iniquity and purity fill up the same mind. And out of the same mouth, the holy and profane. I curse all my brothers, then I bless Christ’s name. I hang in the balance, but still I’m secure. I’m leaning […]

Sure Shot – Supertones

I wanna be the sure shot. I wanna have my mind straight. I wanna have my point got. I wanna be a good man, I wanna have my act down. I wanna be the future and I wanna be right now. Sometimes I feel like I can change the world. But I don’t know where […]

Dedication – Supertones

driving the same highway. Leaving behind everything and everyone you love. The cost to pay, to tell the world of Jesus. Hoping that these bridges burned will not be just in vain. It helps to think that somewhere you’re feeling just the same. And don’t take even a moment for granted. Don’t lose heart when […]

Health And Wealth – Supertones

God’s their portion everyday. But we don’t know anybody who lives that way. There the church grows stronger, under politics and chains and whips. They can’t explain how they slipped right through their grip. in the politics of Mao Tse-Tung. I think they got it right, so maybe we got it wrong. Health and wealth, […]

So Great A Salvation – Supertones

And I just had to thank God for my life Just read through James’ book Start to pray and ask God for a wife It’s a time of devotion As I sit and speak to my God unseen Why should He listen? Well I love Him and He’s in love with me Why me God? […]

Grounded – Supertones

and we’ll televise the revolution. What will save you From divine retribution? Do our part, try to make a contribution Playin’ at 11, givin’ OC noise pollution. Think long and hard about our world today… what needs to be said, and what I need to say. We’re a tower of Babel built on anti-philosophy, Neitzche […]

Blood Washed Pilgrim – Supertones

Up on the King’s great highway, with peaceful shining face Temptations sore beset him, but nothing could a fright He said the yoke is easy, the burden it is light Palms of victory, crowns of glory Palms of victory I shall wear I saw him in the furnace, he neither doubted nor feared And in […]

Tonight – Supertones

Mother earth feels labor aches tonight I can feel the old world passin’ I can hear the whole world crashing down tonight And if I died here tonight, I know my soul is with You I’m sure about the promises You’ve made Surely then I will be judged tonight Surely I’m a little scared tonight […]