Unite – Supertones

Believer in Christ, Yes, yes, the blessed fountain Apologetic warrior, chalk one up for the visitors Casting fiercesome light into […]

Adonai – Supertones

But I can bust some ska, in fact the rhythm rhyme is cookin’ Brighten up your soul and loosen up […]

Fade Away – Supertones

just struggling with these ideas. And the more I learn, the less I really know. But to the things I […]

One Voice – Supertones

Our options have come down to either we do or we die. We need You now more than ever. Pull […]

In Between – Supertones

Half of me slave, the other half free. Righteous and sinful, both at the same time. Iniquity and purity fill […]

Sure Shot – Supertones

I wanna be the sure shot. I wanna have my mind straight. I wanna have my point got. I wanna […]

Dedication – Supertones

driving the same highway. Leaving behind everything and everyone you love. The cost to pay, to tell the world of […]

Health And Wealth – Supertones

God’s their portion everyday. But we don’t know anybody who lives that way. There the church grows stronger, under politics […]

Grounded – Supertones

and we’ll televise the revolution. What will save you From divine retribution? Do our part, try to make a contribution […]

Tonight – Supertones

Mother earth feels labor aches tonight I can feel the old world passin’ I can hear the whole world crashing […]