So Great A Salvation – Supertones

And I just had to thank God for my life Just read through James’ book Start to pray and ask God for a wife It’s a time of devotion As I sit and speak to my God unseen Why should He listen? Well I love Him and He’s in love with me Why me God? […]

Grounded – Supertones

and we’ll televise the revolution. What will save you From divine retribution? Do our part, try to make a contribution Playin’ at 11, givin’ OC noise pollution. Think long and hard about our world today… what needs to be said, and what I need to say. We’re a tower of Babel built on anti-philosophy, Neitzche […]

Blood Washed Pilgrim – Supertones

Up on the King’s great highway, with peaceful shining face Temptations sore beset him, but nothing could a fright He said the yoke is easy, the burden it is light Palms of victory, crowns of glory Palms of victory I shall wear I saw him in the furnace, he neither doubted nor feared And in […]

Tonight – Supertones

Mother earth feels labor aches tonight I can feel the old world passin’ I can hear the whole world crashing down tonight And if I died here tonight, I know my soul is with You I’m sure about the promises You’ve made Surely then I will be judged tonight Surely I’m a little scared tonight […]