Get Your Act Together – Supertramp

But I can’t seem to make you understand I see your point of view, but life’s been to good to you Just stand up and face things like a man You better get your act together If you ever wanna take it on the road You can’t sit around Or the bad times are gonna […]

Poor Boy – Supertramp

Than just to sit here and talk with you. Although I’ll rant and I’ll rave about one thing and another The beauty of it is so pure to me, though, I’m a poor boy, I can still be happy, As long as I can feel free. So many people I know, get old way too […]

Still In Love – Supertramp

I’ve been cryin’ You’ve been messin’ I’ve been guessin’ ’bout you You’ve been cheatin’ I’ve been creepin’ around You’ve been leavin’ I’ll be grievin’, I’m grievin’ But I’m still in love with you And no matter what you do Cause you know that in the end I’ll come runnin’ back again I’ve been drinkin’ Got […]

Babaji – Supertramp

Watching for ways to help me stay in tune Lord of my dreams, although confusion Keeps trying to decieve What is it that makes me believe in you? Babaji, oh won’t you come to me Won’t you help me face the music Bring it out so we can sing it out Help me to find […]

Waiting So Long – Supertramp

Did you see the whole show? So where’s all the fun That we used to know? As the memories fade Way out of view I’d love those old days To come back to you I’ve been waiting so long I’m not feeling so strong Did you say what you mean? Did you mean what you […]

Just Another Nervous Wreck – Supertramp

They cut the telephone uh huh Yeah my life is just a mess I threw it all away now I could have made a fortune I lost the craving for success And as the acrobats they tumble So the corn begins to crumble While in the mirror She admires a brand new dress Live on […]

A Soapbox Opera – Supertramp

Listen to me, I’m trying to say, I’m better than you, I am only what I am”; “; We must not stand still, For the night is coming, Every man, every woman and child, Everybody help me”; I hear, only what I want to hear, But, I have to believe in something, Have to believe […]

Goodbye Stranger – Supertramp

I was up before the dawn And I really have enjoyed my stay But I must be moving on Like a king without a castle Like a queen without a throne I’m an early morning lover And I must be moving on Now I believe in what you say Is the undisputed truth But I […]

Sooner Or Later – Supertramp

Sooner or later I’m gonna get over her You know I can’t go on like this It’s just a matter time There’ll come a day when I will wake up Without her on my mind Sooner or later it’s gonna get better Sooner or later I’m gonna get over her They say that time will […]

The Meaning – Supertramp

Just kidding yourself that you’re never alone; Well, maybe there’s something, just one thing, you shouldn’t have said, So, you better beware. And, you better get, and you better get, light in your head And, you better get, and you better get, peace in your head. If you wanna get, if you wanna get high. […]

Where There’s A Will – Supertramp

Or so they say A friend in need is a friend indeed He’ll be there every day And if it’s trouble that’s in store You know they’ll tell you even more Where there’s a will, there’s a way That’s what thet’ll say When the writing is on the wall And if you could fall When […]

And The Light – Supertramp

Still I can’t forget the past But you and me, we’ll surelt meet again And maybe find the truth at last And the light, in the night Shines on brightly If it’s alright with you It’s alright with me Well I believe, that fate will find a way To guide us through these restless years […]

Casual Conversation – Supertramp

It doesn’t matter what I say You never listen anyway Just don’t know what you’re looking for Imagination’s all I have But eveN then you say it’s bad Just can’t see why we disagree AND Casual conversations how they bore me YEAH, they go on and on endlessly No matter what I say You’LL ignore […]