Dreamer – Supertramp

Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no! I said dreamer, you’re nothing but a dreamer Well […]

Cannonball – Supertramp

Yeah I got used, all messed up and abused You let me down, with all your runnin’ round Still you […]

Lady – Supertramp

Well don’t you think you oughta? Be waiting a while, Are you acting, on what your heart has told you, […]

Poor Boy – Supertramp

Than just to sit here and talk with you. Although I’ll rant and I’ll rave about one thing and another […]

Still In Love – Supertramp

I’ve been cryin’ You’ve been messin’ I’ve been guessin’ ’bout you You’ve been cheatin’ I’ve been creepin’ around You’ve been […]

Babaji – Supertramp

Watching for ways to help me stay in tune Lord of my dreams, although confusion Keeps trying to decieve What […]

The Meaning – Supertramp

Just kidding yourself that you’re never alone; Well, maybe there’s something, just one thing, you shouldn’t have said, So, you […]