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American Heartbeat – Survivor

We telegraph our heart’s desire, Though the night — with our eyes, Wheels are turnin’ — fast and hard, Hearts are burnin’ on the boulevard, Hear them pound — young and proud, It’s the American Heartbeat. Chart the stars and head out for the action, Hit the streets and find some satisfaction. *It’s the American […]

I See You In Everyone – Survivor

Chases ‘cross the atmosphere — but you’re not here and I see the shape of moonlight on the cityscape But now the skyline wears a shroud I hear your voice in every crowd Listening for your footsteps in every hallway Watching for your headlights around the bend I can see you standing in every doorway […]

Somewhere In America – Survivor

**Hey girl. help me if you can I’m coming to you with my heart in my hand Give me love, I’m starved for affection All I need is just a little direction** * Wow Somewhere in America, somewhere cross the sea Somewhere in America, she waits for me* I need a teacher who can use […]

Man Against The World – Survivor

Like a man against the world No one takes your side A boat against the tide When your faith is shaken you start to break And you heart can’t find the words Tossed upon the sand I give you a man against the world All the people cheer ’til the end is near And the […]

Burning Bridges – Survivor

A distant fire burning through the past Deep inside my heart is yearning, A bridge is burning There’s just no turning back After all the hell I’ve tasted, Years I’ve wasted, Love that slipped away Suddenly a vision shook me, I see the fool I’d become content to play Over one-way streets in blindin’ heat […]

Let It Be Now – Survivor

For your song. your love song Time just drags by anticipatinЎЇ So much good love has come and gone **And every minute We spend apart is just time on my hands It’s breakin’ my heart Won’t you please, please** *Let it be now, I can’t wait forever no Let it be now. I need you […]

Ever Since The World Began – Survivor

As if somebody led my hand, It seems I hardly had to steer, My course was planned. And destiny it guides us all, And by it’s hand we rise and fall, But only for a moment, Time enough to catch our breath again. *And we’re just another piece of the puzzle, Just another part of […]

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way – Survivor

Was breaking up the only thing to do We live our separate lives like perfect strangers, But in the end, we’re really perfect fools — Maybe in time we’ll shake the memories, Maybe in time forget the pain — But baby tonight, this heart remembers *It doesn’t have to be this way — We don’t […]

Desperate Dreams – Survivor

So lonely, wouldn’t if feel right to love this night away Your name keeps echoing down this wishing well Wild hearts on an endless flight, set free in our dreams tonight *Two souls drawn to the fire in desperate dreams Two hearts lost to desire’s desperate schemes One girl lost in a reverie Lost love […]

Nothing Can Shake Me – Survivor

In this room With the light of the sun in my eyes I am blind Can’t recall Where I am or what I did last night Though I try and I try *Nothing can shake me from your love It’s true No one can make me feel the things you do Oh no, oh no* […]

Can’t Getcha Offa My Mind – Survivor

That’s shakin’ me offa my vine Oooh, you’ve got a way aboutcha And doncha think it’s way past time Only you can put it where I want it *And I can’t getcha off. I just can’t get you I can’t getcha offa my mind No I can’t getcha off, I just can’t get you I […]

Take You On A Saturday – Survivor

When I took you inside You were tremblinЎЇ Out in the rain, Just a face with no name In the cold And you cling to my side Like a desperate child As the thunder crashed high above Well now the storm is behind us ItЎЇs time for some love Gonna *Take you on a Saturday […]

Can’t Give It Up – Survivor

She was the smoke, he was the fire They had the time of their lives together Turning it up higher and higher Now people talk about the two of them And just shake their heads It’s all just a cryin’ shame, He’s got a heart she’ll never tame** *He can’t give it up Never give […]

Summer Nights – Survivor

ThatЎЇs the time, again I remember the lights And all the fun of those summer nights Young and innocent and livinЎЇ fast DidnЎЇt know enough to know That a summer love canЎЇt last CanЎЇt last *(Do you remember those) Summer nights all night DancinЎЇ in the light of love (DancinЎЇ in the light of love) […]

It’s The Singer Not The Song – Survivor

You hear a different drummer You’re looking for a way to check out from this grind You wrestle with temptation, Your job is sheer frustration ‘Cause there’s a lifetime chance you’ve yet to find Still you wonder if you’ve got the clout To make it happen in this cold-hearted town And you’re feelin’ that you’re […]

Keep It Right Here – Survivor

You’re in my book of answered prayers No need to change your heart’s direction At every crossroad I’ll be there** Through endless nights and life’s confusion Just simply sound your heart’s alarm I guarantee you’ll find compassion Right here within these open arms There will be nights some restless nights When you’re alone your thoughts […]