Performer SURVIVOR

Youngblood – Survivor

I saw it comin from the start I’ve watched her in motion She’s aimin right for my heart Guess I […]

In Good Faith – Survivor

Tucked away from all the pain And deep within this secret side of me Just the simple truth remains Words […]

Too Hot To Sleep – Survivor

Big fan on the screen porch turnin’ Cat looking for a hidin’ place Sun sinkin’ but the fire’s still burnin’ […]

Freelance – Survivor

I’ve made my name, with ladies like you I’m a fine red-blooded love machine Shootin straight and talkin’ mean I […]

Popular Girl – Survivor

Turns to follow her every move She’s arrived on the scene in her diamonds and jeans World class — she’s […]

Feels Like Love – Survivor

Getting some action on a midnight ride, Feeling all right, this Saturday night, Your touch ignites the fire Driving my […]

Runway Lights – Survivor

High above the streets and alleys On a home bound flight I carry Love enough for one My emotions overflowing […]

Oceans – Survivor

We rode the crest of the wave Are we destined to leave love behind I’ll pay the price, just tell […]

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