Performer SURVIVOR

Oceans – Survivor

We rode the crest of the wave Are we destined to leave love behind I’ll pay the price, just tell […]

Rebel Son – Survivor

So determined you can find the cure You’ve always been the driven one Speak your mind, rebel son In your […]

Slander – Survivor

And just like a fire ragin’ wild in the night, The rumors hot, the room is rockin’, It’s out of […]

Poor Man’s Son – Survivor

You had better understand That the silver in your pocket AinЎЇt no measure of a man *And though the fortunes […]

Everlasting – Survivor

Are we meeting here on cue Just in time for a love affair Like a fool I’d walk through fire […]

Silver Girl – Survivor

Take my heart away with just a single kiss, Silver girl, the world out side our window, Somehow fades away […]

Jackie Don’t Go – Survivor

There was passion in the schoolyard Upon the autumn leaves Cuttin’ class was gettin’ easy, Throwin’ good sense down the […]

20/20 – Survivor

Whatcha got underneath it Your straight-laced morals are just for show Cause I know thatcha need it I got you […]

Half-Life – Survivor

Trying to make some sense of it all, Each pathway offers resistance, I force a smile But it’s just not […]

First Night – Survivor

After all the songs fade away And the stage fades to gray And we will remember this first night together […]

Burning Bridges – Survivor

A distant fire burning through the past Deep inside my heart is yearning, A bridge is burning There’s just no […]

Let It Be Now – Survivor

For your song. your love song Time just drags by anticipatinЎЇ So much good love has come and gone **And […]

Desperate Dreams – Survivor

So lonely, wouldn’t if feel right to love this night away Your name keeps echoing down this wishing well Wild […]

Summer Nights – Survivor

ThatЎЇs the time, again I remember the lights And all the fun of those summer nights Young and innocent and […]

Keep It Right Here – Survivor

You’re in my book of answered prayers No need to change your heart’s direction At every crossroad I’ll be there** […]