It’s Up To You – Susan Tedeschi

I’m gonna tell you just the way I feel No use in waiting around I’ve got this feeling that it might be real and that’s just from the sound Oh my heart when I heard you laugh and when I saw that smile You made me feel like I was alive again I hadn’t felt […]

Angel From Montgomery – Susan Tedeschi

I am an old woman Named after my mother My old man is another Child that’s grown old If dreams were thunder And lightnin’ was desire This old house would’a burned down A long time ago Make me an angel, to fly from Montgomery Make me a poster, of an old rodeo Just give me […]

It Hurts Me Too – Susan Tedeschi

You said you were hurting You almost lost your mind Cause the girl you love she hurts you all the time When things go wrong. go wrong with you It hurts me too You love her more when you should love her less Why do you pick-up behind her? and I know you pick-up all […]

Found Someone New – Susan Tedeschi

Tired of being alone Waiting on you to phone baby It’s four in the morning and I’m cold There ain’t no one to hold me I know that’s it’s real I found someone new I know it’s not right But I can’t give up this fight ‘Cause I’m tired of being lonely Think it’s me […]

Better Days – Susan Tedeschi

I’ve been wrong, wrong for so long Living life like this, I just can’t go on Without a helping hand I just can’t seem to find my way So I’ll keep waiting, waiting for my better days. Better Days Now I said a prayer last night when my day was through that I could live […]

Hound Dog – Susan Tedeschi

You ain’t nothin but a hound dog, been snooping round my door You ain’t nothin but a hound dog, been snooping round my door You can wag your tail but Lord I ain’t gonna feed you no more You told me you were high class, but I can see through that You told me you […]