Small Blue Thing – Suzanne Vega

A small blue thing Like a marble Or an eye With my knees against my mouth I am perfectly round I am watching you I am cold against your skin You are perfectly reflected I am lost inside your pocket I am lost against Your fingers I am falling down the stairs I am skipping […]

Some Journey – Suzanne Vega

Where would we be now If we had met some eastbound train Through some black sleeping town Would you have worn your silken robes All made of royal blue? Would I have dressed in smoke and fire For you to see through? If we had met in a darkened room Where people do not stay […]

Soap And Water – Suzanne Vega

Soap and water wash the day from my hand scrub the salt from my stinging skin slip me loose of this wedding band Soap and water hang my heart on a line scour it down in a wind of sand bleach it clean to a vinegar shine Daddy’s a dark riddle Mama’s a headful of […]

Ironbound/Fancy Poultry – Suzanne Vega

where the Portuguese women come to see what you sell the clouds so low the morning so slow as the wires cut through the sky The beams and bridges cut the light on the ground into little triangles and the rails run round through the rust and the heat the light and sweet coffee color […]

Calypso – Suzanne Vega

And I have lived alone I live on an island And I waken to the dawn A long time ago I watched him struggle with the sea I knew that he was drowning And I brought him into me Now today Come morning light He sails away After one last night I let him go. […]

Tombstone – Suzanne Vega

I like a tombstone cause it weathers well and if it stands or if it crumbles only time will tell if you carve my name in marble you must cut it deep there’ll be no dancing on the gravestone you must let me sleep and time is burning burning burning it burns away I don’t […]

Last Year’s Troubles – Suzanne Vega

The robber on the highway the pirate on the seas Maybe it’s the clothing that’s so entertaining The earrings and swashbuckling blouses that please Here we have heroes of times that have passed now But nobody these days has that kind of chin Over there the petticoats of ladies of virtue You can hardly tell […]

St. Clare – Suzanne Vega

And the candle that burns Keeping her safe Until her return Plaster and paint Holding the fire A poor woman’s saint Holding all man’s desire Bold little bird Fly away home Could I but ride herd On the wind and the foam All of the souls That curl by the fire They never know All […]

Headshots – Suzanne Vega

Music by Mitchell Froom and Suzanne Vega The sign said “;Headshots”; And that was all, A picture of a boy And a number you could call, Two eyes in the shade A mouth so sad and small, It’s strange the way a shadow Can fall across the wall, And make the difference In what you […]

(If You Were) In My Movie – Suzanne Vega

I’d have you as the doctor Small black bag And a big black coat I’d have you make a house call To the woman You could lay your Diagnostic hand Upon her belly and her throat If you were in my movie You could be the detective You could sit behind the desk With a […]

Stockings – Suzanne Vega

I don’t care for tights, she says and does not tell me why She hikes her skirt above her knee revealing one brown thigh I see, I say, and wonder at her slender little fingers How cleverly they pull upon the threads of recent slumbers Do you know where friendship ends and passion does begin? […]

Room Off The Street – Suzanne Vega

With a poster on a wall Of a man with his hand In a fist Is a woman who’s drinking And her dress is so tight You can see every breath That she takes Every sigh, every sway You can hear everything that they say Something’s begun like a war Or a family or a […]

Straight Lines – Suzanne Vega

Across the alley Of cold metal Touching skin And you can see If you look in her window That she has gone and cut Her hair again In straight lines Straight lines Those soft golden lights in the morning Are now on her wooden floor The wind has swept them through the apartment She don’t […]

In Liverpool – Suzanne Vega

On Sunday No traffic On the avenue The light is pale and thin Like you No sound, down In this part of town Except for the boy in the belfry He’s crazy, he’s throwing himself Down from the top of the tower Like a hunchback in heaven He’s ringing the bells in the church For […]

Fat Man & Dancing Girl – Suzanne Vega

No shadow or shade of a doubt Whore the megaphone man Met the girl with her hand that’s Covering most of her mouth Fall in love with a bright idea And the way a world is revealed to you Fat man and dancing girl And most of the show is concealed from view Monkey in […]

Lolita – Suzanne Vega

Music by Suzanne Vega and Mitchell Froom Lolita Almost grown Lolita Go on home Hey girl Don’t be a dog all your life Don’t beg for Some little crumb of affection Don’t try To be somebody’s wife So young You need a word of protection Lolita Almost grown Lolita Go on home Hey girl I’ve […]

Song In Red And Grey – Suzanne Vega

Made me wonder just how she could know Of that something that happened between you and me So much more than a long time ago Her mother, I can see, lives within her still Cause she looked at me with her eyes Though I had only just met her right then I feel that she […]

Men In A War – Suzanne Vega

If they’ve lost a limb Still feel that limb As they did before He lay on a cot He was drenched in a sweat He was mute and staring But feeling the thing He had not I know how it is When something is gone A piece of your eyesight Or maybe your vision A […]

Language – Suzanne Vega

It would be rushing in Instead here we are In a silence more eloquent Than any word could ever be These words are too solid They don’t move fast enough To catch the blur in the brain That flies by and is gone Gone Gone Gone I’d like to meet you In a timeless, placeless […]

Bad Wisdom – Suzanne Vega

Cause my body has strange information He’s looked in my eyes and knows I’m not a child But he doesn’t dare ask the right question Mother my friends are no longer my friends And the games we once played have no meaning I’ve gone serious and shy and they can’t figure why So they’ve left […]

Predictions – Suzanne Vega

Let’s see how it’s been done. By numbers. By mirrors. By water. By dots made at random on paper. By salt. By dice. By meal. By mice. By dough of cakes. By sacrificial fire. By fountains. By fishes. Writing in ashes. Birds. Herbs. Smoke from the altar. A suspended ring or the mode of laughing […]

Book Of Dreams – Suzanne Vega

In my book of dreams In my book of dreams I took your urgent whisper Stole the arc of a white wing Rode like foam on the river of pity Turned its tide to strength Healed the hole that ripped in living In my book of dreams In my book of dreams In my book […]

Knight Moves – Suzanne Vega

In one false move Turns herself into a pawn Sleepy and shaken And watching while the blury night Turns into a very clear dawn Do you love any, do you love none, Do you love many, can you love one, Do you love me? Do you love any, do you love none, Do you love […]

Honeymoon Suite – Suzanne Vega

the ceiling had a painting on it in our room in France so we were living underneath some angels in a dance my husband was not feeling well and so we went to bed he woke up complaining of an aching in his head he said a hundred people had come through our room that […]

No Cheap Thrill – Suzanne Vega

Ante up. And don’t be shy. Who is that man who is catching my eye? What’s underneath all of the deadpan face? Sitting so pretty with a criminal grace? Lamebrain Pete wants to Spit in the Sea. He’s got a cool hand but it isn’t for me. Butcher Boy thinks he’ll be splitting the pot. […]

Cracking – Suzanne Vega

It just happens A lot Walk with me And we will see What we have got Ah… My footsteps are ticking Like water dripping from a tree Walking a harline And stepping very carefully Ah… My heart is broken It is worn out at the knees Hearing muffled Seeing blind Soon it will hit the […]

In The Eye – Suzanne Vega

I would still look you in the eye And I would burn myself into your memory as long as you were still alive I would live inside of you I’d make you wear me like a scar And I would burn myself into your memory and run through everything you are I would not run […]

Tired Of Sleeping – Suzanne Vega

It’s just that there’s so much to do And I’m tired of sleeping Oh Mom, the old man is telling me something His eyes are wide and his mouth is thin And I just can’t hear what he’s saying Oh Mom, I wonder when I’ll be waking It’s just that there’s so much to do […]

Fifty-Fifty Chance – Suzanne Vega

The doctor said In the cardiac room As she’s lying in bed There’s a pan on the floor Filled with something black I need to know I’m afraid to ask I hug you I hum to you I’ve come to you I touch you I tell you I love you I sing to you Bring […]

Wooden Horse (Caspar Hauser’s Song) – Suzanne Vega

Holding one thing A small white wooden horse I’d been holding inside And when I’m dead If you could tell them this That what was wood became alive What was wood became alive In the night the walls disappeared In the day they returned “;I want to be a rider like my father”; Were the […]

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