Horrified Nights – Swollen Members

A yo I’m coming with aggression No question I’m steadily progressing I’m rhyming with time and money invested I’ve been stressing, since I was an adolescent Now shit’s so dope I can get charged with possession Professional, since cut from the umbilical Battle me your battle ‘all be hysterical Don’t trip or you’ll get whipped […]

Bottle Rocket – Swollen Members

[Evidence] Yo the rhyme excursions touch minds like brain surgeons Feel the lyric tear gas even on clean versions No profanic goddammit Hard like granite to the utmost I’m butter on rye, always high but play the low post I stretch to go the distance yo my lungs are mad elastic I’m dope on plastic […]

Bless+Destroy – Swollen Members

I give you the creeps My style’s sickening First the awakening Prepare for the quickening Battle sole controller There can only be one Drink a can of Pepsi-cola While I’m walking on the sun I’m ill Equipped with interchangeable weaponry Three mystical blades And multiple personalities Come crisp with raspiness Witchcraft to grasp this Depth […]

Strength – Swollen Members

My comparative dissention From high as an intense discription Of why the valkyrie fly, calculate The circumference of the sky for future reference Measure it all from bird’s eye to add some fuel to my furnace To those who scratch the surface and lace signs of plotonus Expected to strown trajectory of David’s sling to […]