Sword Against Fire – Days Of Yore

Courage is often the warrior’s most admirable virtue and Arbo’s braveness was
mistrusted by no one in the realm,
but courage was the little less of what would be needed this time to achieve
what the elder described as “A task that remained unfinished for much too long.”
About 300 years ago, the realm had suffered a painful scourge caused
by the visitation of the terrible dragon.
The furious beast ravaged the land and found no master until a lonely child came and
soothed the monster before commanding it to get out to the eastern limits of Syrakia,
beyond the Forest of the Lost Messengers, where the light never shines…

Far from Syrakia, past the veil of ever dark,
beyond the infinite mists of imagination,
there was a place of great evil cursed by all,
realm of a mythical creature, the almighty dragon.

Invading the dragon’s domain, Arbo reminded ancient tales.
So many brave, courageous warriors had been slayed into this place.
Venturing where most mortals dared not tread.
Be cautious Arbo, this cavern might be your grave.

Arbo now so far from home aren’t you scared?
Shall you make your way through this perilous quest?
Lost in this unknown and forbidden place,
will there be an end to this hellish nightmare?

Making his way through the underground labyrinth,
the courageous warrior could feel his pulse quicken.
His torchlight was drawing lugubrious shadows,
dancing on the walls to the cadence of his moves.

The passageway was leading to a truly immense cavern.

Lyric Sword Against Fire – Days Of Yore