Performer SYD BARRET

Octopus – Syd Barret

you have no word trip, trip to a dream dragon hide your wings in a ghost tower sails crackiling at […]

Love You – Syd Barret

honey funny sunny morning love you more funny love in the skyline baby ice-cream ‘scuse me, I’ve seen you looking […]

Here I Go – Syd Barret

she didn’t like my songs and that made me feel blue she said: “;a big band is far better than […]

Baby Lemonade – Syd Barret

cold iron hands clap the party of clowns outside rain falls in grey far away please, please, Baby Lemonade In […]

Terrapin – Syd Barret

the star above you, crystal blue Well, oh baby, my hairs on end about you… I wouldn’t see you and […]

Wolfpack – Syd Barret

diamonds and clubs, light misted fog, the dead waving us back in formation, the pack in formation bowling they bat […]

Opel – Syd Barret

stands the ebony totem in ebony sand a dream in a mist of grey… on a far distant shore… The […]

Late Night – Syd Barret

and you weren’t there to play then I wanted to be with you when you showed me your eyes whispered […]

Long Gone – Syd Barret

she was gone, gone, the bigger they come the larger her hand ’till no one understands why for so long […]

The Word Song – Syd Barret

gold, local stocks, type, food, wild, national, lake, flag, valve, gyroscope, sect heat, helium, lead, bare, state, invention, medieval refraction, […]

Rats – Syd Barret

spot knock inside a spider said: “;That’s love yeh, yeh, yeah!”; said: “;That’s love yeh, yeh, yeah!”; said: “;That’s love […]

Dominoes – Syd Barret

in my tears, my dreams don’t you want to see her proof? Life that comes of no harm you and […]