Performer SYMPHONY X

Secrets – Symphony X

Deep within a tiny box, shadowed truth under the locks Burns inside your heart – then it starts Your soul […]

Pharaoh – Symphony X

Ancient lands, lost in time Storms of sand, walls of lime Surround this mask of death I wear Awakened by […]

Premonition – Symphony X

Unlock the doors of silence scanning eyes turn into stone pours the wine of hate and enmity Helpless minds dance […]

The Witching Hour – Symphony X

T’ was seven score and sixteen more A dreadful scene to behold Marble silhouettes, white statuettes Forever gaze into time […]

Fallen – Symphony X

Alone I walk, among the twisting shadows tempted by the ancient magic, the Power of Five My desire to mirror […]

Whispers – Symphony X

When all the angels cry sadness reigns upon us all white doves fade to black With the absence of the […]

Masquerade – Symphony X

Shackled in darkness – the forbidden portrait confined to it’s frame Unbroken silence – a total misfortune and shame Ragin […]

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