Category: SYMPHONY X

Dressed To Kill – Symphony X

Dark desires of the cynic queen laugher echoes her name He feels his breath decay Opens the past to an empty page Watch his life drain away Arrival – dressed to kill, scarlet memories Watching and waiting for curtains to fall Arrival – dressed to kill, it’s a tragedy Could you feel sympathy or pain? […]

The Witching Hour – Symphony X

T’ was seven score and sixteen more A dreadful scene to behold Marble silhouettes, white statuettes Forever gaze into time (Caught in a web between life and death) (Chorus) Visions dance throughout the night In the pale moon light In the witching hour Haunting minuet, immortal duet Dance to the waltz of the souls Stillness […]

Fallen – Symphony X

Alone I walk, among the twisting shadows tempted by the ancient magic, the Power of Five My desire to mirror my own image – and I will offer you no soul – offer you no soul Tonight Darkness will shadow the Light – Symmetry divine, there’s no force greater Dividing the Fathers of Time Feel […]

Absinthe And Rue – Symphony X

In your time of dying don’t call my name so you see me as evil it’s just the same Through the windows in my mind now you’re cast in flames Absinthe and Rue twisted wings of paranoia twilight runs through eyes of ignorance Afflicted, addicted, and wicked you’ll loom in fear severed, endeavored in trial […]

Evolution (The Grand Design) – Symphony X

Born from the light – journey into the moment, delivered from thought and sky He will be one, one with the land – Lord of wind and the sea and the sands The one – The bringer of life “All will bear a part of me – let this hollow shell set your free to […]

Whispers – Symphony X

When all the angels cry sadness reigns upon us all white doves fade to black With the absence of the heart we could never smile we can feel the bitter tears Whispers from you – calling out from above visions I can’t see, like the wind and your love whispers to you – calling out […]

Out Of The Ashes – Symphony X

In the house of my master Beyond the chains there is a bed of snakes where evil lays Oh, I hear laughter I forged the iron bars that someday will imprison me Ooh, mother will you help me Mother will you help me To find a reason to go on (Chorus) Out of the ashes […]

Masquerade – Symphony X

Shackled in darkness – the forbidden portrait confined to it’s frame Unbroken silence – a total misfortune and shame Ragin obsession – this mask of oppression, it hides your agression from view This tearing suture renounces the love he once knew Your sacrifice this paradise of innocence Trust the lie – you falsify the line […]

The Raging Season – Symphony X

From whom the Gods destroy they first make mad casting shadows on our fears Malicious designs built strong and iron-clad catostrophic conclusion, judgement closes near Chaos sets the stage bitter mouths of violent rage spinning webs of timeless confusion help us find our way Tonight can we scape from this hell (seasons ragin – sands […]

Shades Of Grey – Symphony X

Seasons changing now – winter’s come Seasons changing now – summer’s come and I’ll be on my own just bear another day I have wondered – if I can turn back hands of time I have wondered – if I can turn back into time I’ll try, just try another way I don’t know why […]

Church Of The Machine – Symphony X

Bow down in the platinum maze Twilight cathedrals spread the system plague Forging sacred thrones in the void unseen Merciless judgement in the church of the machine I’m the master, looking down from the edge of space and time Flesh and steel intertwined I am the future, sacrifice your soul and succumb to me Nailed […]

Egypt – Symphony X

Endless sands of Alnantees – etched in gold, a city lost in time and from the Sea – A Child speaks of things unseen, before the King – a teller of the Rhyme Five align – hidden in the word a message locked in time find the Key – it draws the final line between […]

Lady Of The Snow – Symphony X

Garden of ice, ivory trees dimly glow Maiden in white, led by lanterns of stone Captured-by the light of moon Diamonds and Jade-dressed in ashen blue From the North, a mistress dressed in silvery blaze The feel of her kiss steals my breath away In the night, shadows dance through lucid doors With a pale […]