Insight – Symphorce

When the wind is blowing cold and winter takes control. I throw the dice. Thereґs no choice, itґs all fate in life. I embrace what lies ahead until the day or am I dead. Prophecies have paved the way from all this decay Losin’ my mind a chance to live while chasing the time. You […]

Burning Star – Symphorce

The shadows are on your side as lights go down In the darkest place you find a tune of itґs own Like the haze of the afterglow jaws will part When the storm is about to blow words fall out For rumors in the wake of such a lonely crowd Iґm changing my name just […]

Drifted – Symphorce

so close, you ride side by side into the temple of light into violence over, and blinded by the white You close your eyes thy freedom rise in different directions, in one life One star to fall, behind the wall after the curtain falls Over the seas, over boundaries over the martyr of sin so […]

Circles Are Broken – Symphorce

why be confused, set your soul free another within, … I’m suffering inside Don’t have to be god to realize will someone get out here… alive another within, I’m suffering inside a life in a mirror, the mindless eyes your choice will be rotten, by charming lies and soon you’ll come in, the circle begins […]

Eye Of Horus – Symphorce

There was a time when I needed to pray the color of dried blood down on my knees for now Iґll believe falling apart at the seams I gotta rise, Iґm sick of your lies now Iґm just feeling better, Iґll be trembling in your breath and Iґm here forever Souls of fire wonґt you […]

Forevermore – Symphorce

Don’t know why you’re leaving me, I can’t ignore Mmh, you always understand, what is it for real chasing after foolish dreams, time stands still your endless will I wanted to be a part of you, not only for a day No more asking for the truth, so stay Never turning my dreams into sand […]