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Can’t Believe It (FP Remix) – T-Pain

(feat. Bow Wow & Lil Wayne) Ahh remix you know I got ya’ pain bow wow yeah uhh Lamborghini Murc, remix you know I do it for the ladies [Bow Wow:] Said her man wasn’t treating her right Come with this low is lame cause I’m the superman in the life A couple years from […]

Ridge Road – T-Pain

Yeah, Yeah Yeah [VERSE 1] Growing up wasn’t easy for me, for my mama, for my daddy, life just wasn’t happy at all. Started out when I was 8yrs, and it blew up right behind, god just couldn’t find me no way [BRIDGE] The way I feel, just can’t compare don’t wanna be here, God […]

Tipsy – T-Pain

Take a sip of this, drink that, don’t it feel good baby? Take a hit of this, take that, don’t it feel good baby? Take a sip of this, drink that, I’m-a put you on my hood baby Take a sip of this, drink that [Verse 1:] Hey girl, how you doin? Can I get […]

Going Thru A Lot – T-Pain

[T-Pain] Konvict Muzic… it’s time to do it I can’t handle all these bills and payments This stuff is overstressin me (but I still gotta do it) Baby mama put me on them papers and get nothing for the baby (but I still gotta do it) I can’t keep on working, (keep on working) Seems […]

Blow Ya Mind – T-Pain

Its dark in here, its hot in here (Girl what are you doing to me?) Baby stop, not in here(I got a presidential suite) baby why don’t we just get outta here (Where we can have the freedom to be) Secret lovers under covers have no fear cuz…. I’m about to blow ya mind blow […]

Ur Not The Same – T-Pain

Hmm hmm hmm hmmmm…….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhh Ohohohohohhhhhhh ohhhhoohhhhhhhh [Verse 1 – T Pain] Girl I See u changed, (changed) U think it’s effectin me. (what girl) But girl it’s NOT. Girl i peep your brain. (brain) Think you’re so smart. (so smart) But girl you’re NOT. And it’s a shame, (damn) Ask me, (ask me) […]

Digital – T-Pain

[T-Pain:] Yayyy, yeah It’s goin digital… woo! Yayyy, yeah, yeahh, yeahh It’s goin digital… yeah See tonight it’s goin digital, really though Really everybody in the club ’bout to feel me though I came alone, cause I’m takin somethin back with meeeee, yeahhhh I left the duals up on the Lamborghini (the Lamborgini) So they […]

Freeze – T-Pain

[Intro: T-Pain] I get it down on the dance floor Watch this, (Hey) Don’t even know girl Uh ha … Come Here [Verse 1: T-Pain] You know what I do If you can do it too Then that’s just something that makes me more attracted to you And I… And I Wanna see you break […]

Karaoke – T-Pain

[Intro: T-Pain] Dear Akon… forgive me for what I’m about to say… Dear Barry Wize I know you told me not to worry about it man but I can’t let it ride… Dear God… let’s make it happen (ha ha ha) ha ha I’m tryin to be you niggas… Ha yeah you niggas Watch me […]

Sweet – T-Pain

We been in this situation Like once or twice Before now And I liked it Cause you liked it Yeah Sweet anticipation So very nice But how Do we fight it No fight it What we feel is so natural We pretty much have to Go with the flow The flow Of your body Shawty […]

Have It (Interlude) – T-Pain

You are now in tuned to what unknown buffoon With enough room in he’s tomb to blow your mind like “Boom” Then you assume, that I have done something wrong in my life But at the same time I’m gonna try to describe the vibe of the world through my eyes And maybe you won’t […]

What’s Yo Myspace – T-Pain

[Intro: Brandon T Jackson Talkin] Cici Yo see normally I dont do this Brandon T Jackson Ugly girls (cici) Pretty girls Ima be on everybody top 8 Ha Haaaaaa!!!!! [Chorus:] Whats yo myspace put me on yo top 8 [x4] [Verse:] Im sayin shorty my friend request is outstanding and the way that outstanding im […]

Distorted – T-Pain

{Where is everybody} {Don’t stop now} {Don’t stop now} Hey, yeah I don’t really wanna do nothing today Just wanna do you tonight (you tonight) And the only way that I’ll be satisfied is if I do you right (do you right) I want you to feel it coming Stronger longer If f**king you ain’t […]

Superstar Lady – T-Pain

[Intro:] I love to call his name Yeahh ohhhh (Ohhh Yeahh) [Verse 1:] She got a stomach like ciara. Hair Like Beyonce. Gabreille Union smile. Lips like Ashanti. I’m k-ci and jo-jo. She is my madavante. Titties mooviabiane. Booty mwchaglande. she is so excited like she is from another country. she is so erotic I […]

Can’t Believe It – T-Pain

If I was with somebody else. U don’t understand She make the people say yeeeeahhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh. [T-Pain:] I could put u in a log cabin Somewhere in Aspen, Girl ain’t nothin teddy pain, Ain’t trickin if you got it what u askin… for Put you in a mansion, somewhere in Wiscansin. Like I said it […]