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Bartender – T-Pain

[Intro – T-Pain] Yeah… Uh-Huh… Yeah… Yeah… [Verse 1 – T-Pain] Broke up with my girl last night so I […]

Change – T-Pain

[Diddy:] I’ll do anything for you, For you I’ll change the world. No more wars, No more poverty, No more […]

Blowing Up – T-Pain

[T-Pain:] You get me so enegetic Everything is copacetic Slide with a nigga I’m so electric And baby girl you […]

Bad Side – T-Pain

Yeeahh Wooohooo Shawty… Yeeahh [x4] Shawty I’m the sex-police You have been arrested It’s a warrant for ya How do […]

I’m Sprung – T-Pain

I’m Sprung…(I’m sprung) Dawg She Got Me… Got me doin things I’ll never do If u ain’t been I’m tellin […]

Church – T-Pain

Ladies and Gentlemen You already know what it is Ok, Yea, Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shit Im tryin to run in this mutherfcka […]

Put It Down – T-Pain

[Talking] Hey what’s up girl what took you so long stop playing Who? Don’t worry about if I carry em […]

I’m Sprung 2 – T-Pain

[intro] ohhh she got me doing what she want to now you sprung and i told you S-P-R-U-N-G now you […]

Backseat Action – T-Pain

[Intro:] (Oh, oh) I’m bout to pull over, and give you the business holla at me (Ooooh) Can I get […]

It Ain’t Me – T-Pain

[T-Pain:] Yeah, Yeah [Intro: T. I] Ay, it’s for all my cats man Have you ever been in a club […]

Phantom – T-Pain

Huh… YEEAHH [Verse 1:] I’ve been the tree house for seven hours Lookin at your house girls Ever since you […]

U Got Me – T-Pain

New York City All in Los Angeles California From the drive lanes to the open seas baby To all my […]

Ringleader Man – T-Pain

[Verse 1:] Hey! We gonna have a ripping good time Just hit rewind And you can see I’m far too […]

Studio Luv – T-Pain

In the studio, in the studio Studio oh, oh Girl just close your eyes And picture me playing your Spanish […]

Dance Floor – T-Pain

I got the hat, I got the shoes, I got the outfit I go outside and pick the ride I’m […]

Say It – T-Pain

I got some plans that don’t involve my hands Get out and walk up slowly Lemme see your new Menolo’s […]

Keep Going – T-Pain

Uh Uhem Keep going Yeah They get me up in the morning They give me reason to believe I’m here […]

Time Machine – T-Pain

Ya, yaaaaah, yeaaaaah Tebunan, Pedalofogus, from the planer Telegusa, ya [Verse 1:] Ilutium-pu-36 explosive space modulator Goin on a trip, […]

Suicide – T-Pain

The world keeps spinnin, with or without me And I know, that’s hard to believe And now I’m in a […]

My Place – T-Pain

How many times have I told you love you? Don’t seem to change a thing Girl you’re not the same […]

Reality Show – T-Pain

[Verse 1: T-Pain] Woooww… heeeyyy Dun dun dun Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun-dun-dun-dun One dude… one lady […]

Long Lap Dance – T-Pain

Yeayey. It’s 241 toniiight (ooh). Fellas grab my lady, ladies get that money, from the V. I. P to the […]

Long Lap Dance – T-Pain

Yeayey. It’s 241 toniiight (ooh). Fellas grab my lady, ladies get that money, from the V. I. P to the […]

Fly Away – T-Pain

And get up out of this situation I do it with no hesitation, yeah I wish I can know those […]

Chopped N Skrewed – T-Pain

Yeah! YEA-YEAH! WHOA-O-OHH [Hook 1:] Nuh-Nuh Nuh Shawty Nuh-Nuh Nuh Shawty Nuh-Nuh Nuh Shawty Don’t chop me, Shawty don’t Screw […]

Como Estas – T-Pain

It’s kind of like you holdin’ me, strokin’ me Takin’ control of me, never let go of me cuz you […]

Therapy – T-Pain

[Talking:] Ahhh… Take a sip of this… eh, let’s go (yay) I want you to feel this beat baby, come […]

Right Hand – T-Pain

Wooooooo Yeah, Yeah Woooo Yeah, Yeah [Verse One] Baby (Sit Down) I Got Something That I Need To Say (Right […]

Ridge Road – T-Pain

Yeah, Yeah Yeah [VERSE 1] Growing up wasn’t easy for me, for my mama, for my daddy, life just wasn’t […]

Tipsy – T-Pain

Take a sip of this, drink that, don’t it feel good baby? Take a hit of this, take that, don’t […]

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