Performer T REX

Nameless Wildness – T. Rex

4X your like a sanctury in poet’s memory (I wouldn’t lie) the universe of happiness beneath your be-bop dress and […]

Solid Baby – T. Rex

Who’s gonna love me tonight Oh baby who’s the solid baby Who’s gonna love me tongiht Tonight, who’s gonna love […]

Liquid Gang – T. Rex

when you take the hand of the liquid gang, oh yeah….. peter, really, peter he’s such a messy eater he’s […]

Space Boss – T. Rex

Space Boss Wrapped and packed and pressed to go out Rock and Roll is welcome where I’m at Are you […]

Visions Of Domino – T. Rex

Marc Bolan – guitar and vocal Davey Lutton and Paul Fenton – drums Steve Currie – bass Dino Dines – […]

Jason B. Sad – T. Rex

Marc Bolan and Miller Anderson – guitars Herbie Flowers – bass Tony Newman – drums Dino Dines – keyboards and […]

Explosive Mouth – T. Rex

in the morning dew do the monkey wrench all the birds adventures the teenage night and the vampires are right […]

Galaxy – T. Rex

tell me how they bang a gong your world I’m in your world (2x) shadows in the alley at midnight […]

Telegram Sam – T. Rex

telegram sam you’re my main man golden nose slim golden nose slim i know’s where you ‘bin purple pie pete […]

Teenage Dream – T. Rex

surprise, surprise the boys are home my gaurdian angel run down my telephone the heats on, mister can’t you hear […]

All Alone – T. Rex

With my chrome guitar Even Michael Mouse He has a house with someone there You handsome bitch, you movie twitch […]

Crimson Moon – T. Rex

Marc Bolan – guitar and vocal Herbie Flowers – bass Tony Newman – drums Dino Dines-keyboards Alfalpha – additional vocals […]

Groove A Little – T. Rex

Marc Bolan – guitar and vocal Dino Dines – keyboards and synthesizer Herbie Flowers – bass Tony Newman – drums […]

Child Star – T. Rex

Sipping tea composing in his bed A hundred hands working on a musical of old Debussy and Mendlessohn Handel and […]

Main Man – T. Rex

are you now are you now are you my main man are you now are you now are you now […]

Cosmic Dancer – T. Rex

I was dancing when I was aaah I danced myself right out the womb Is it strange to dance so […]

Left Hand Luke – T. Rex

and look me in the eye I’ll unstrap my knees and I’ll apologise ‘Cos I’m, Left Hand Luke and the […]

Token Of My Love – T. Rex

Ahh…….. Well do you remember when we met You stuck behind me like a stained glass net And I’m broken […]