Performer T REX

Sound Pit – T. Rex

heard you’ve so been sweet stared at gazelle this distractoin I brought for her I wondered why, oh why? debra’s […]

Mister Mister – T. Rex

Mister mister mister I’m just looking for a change in my luck Mister mister mister I’m just looking for a […]

Golden Belt – T. Rex

Your hairs a lair and one to spare I need you girl Oh yeah.* Be good you know your trips […]

Ballrooms Of Mars – T. Rex

be primed for dancing you’re gonna trip and glide all on the trembling plane your diamond hands will be stacked […]

I Love To Boogie – T. Rex

Marc Bolan – guitar and vocal Davey Lutton – drums Steve Currie – bass Dino Dines – keyboards We love […]

Casual Agent – T. Rex

I wanna be your casual agent * Casual agent moving by the sand Cosmetic Betty stealing from the skull Madonna […]

Mambo Sun – T. Rex

I wanna croon with you Beneath the Mambo Sun I got to be the one with you My life’s a […]

Universe – T. Rex

Marc Bolan – guitar and vocal Steve Currie – bass Davey Lutton – drums Dino Dines – keyboards Chris Mercer […]

Think Zinc – T. Rex

They use my senses in strange ways She knows just what you are, like a fading star And she uses […]

My Little Baby – T. Rex

Where did you go my little baby Where did you go my little baby From here, from here * Walking […]

Iscariot – T. Rex

I placed beside your chest Liar A stork of silk With rubies in it’s nest Fire Of my love Will […]

Venus Loon – T. Rex

oooooooh! gonna see my baby in the afternoon gonna take my baby on a venus loon! Slipshod Jim’s been in […]

The Friends – T. Rex

and suck my thumb ‘cos you’re a little fawn and you need me. On hoofy feet through the windy wheat […]

Get It On – T. Rex

Clad in black Don’t look back And I love you You’re dirty and sweat oh yea Well you’re slim and […]

Tenement Lady – T. Rex

Tenement lady, stone drug mama Street hawk stone heart Mind that swiftly falls apart * Sudden Sid Groove Lid, sharp […]

The Motivator – T. Rex

Don’t you know you’re a cool motivator Love the way you walk Love the way you walk I love the […]

Precious Star – T. Rex

Ooh like a precious star you are, Ooh like a precious star you are, I wanna spend my life with […]

Jeepster – T. Rex

You’re so fine I want you all and everything Just to be mine ‘Cos you’re my baby ‘Cos you’re my […]

Nameless Wildness – T. Rex

4X your like a sanctury in poet’s memory (I wouldn’t lie) the universe of happiness beneath your be-bop dress and […]

Solid Baby – T. Rex

Who’s gonna love me tonight Oh baby who’s the solid baby Who’s gonna love me tongiht Tonight, who’s gonna love […]

Liquid Gang – T. Rex

when you take the hand of the liquid gang, oh yeah….. peter, really, peter he’s such a messy eater he’s […]

Space Boss – T. Rex

Space Boss Wrapped and packed and pressed to go out Rock and Roll is welcome where I’m at Are you […]

Visions Of Domino – T. Rex

Marc Bolan – guitar and vocal Davey Lutton and Paul Fenton – drums Steve Currie – bass Dino Dines – […]

Jason B. Sad – T. Rex

Marc Bolan and Miller Anderson – guitars Herbie Flowers – bass Tony Newman – drums Dino Dines – keyboards and […]

Explosive Mouth – T. Rex

in the morning dew do the monkey wrench all the birds adventures the teenage night and the vampires are right […]

Galaxy – T. Rex

tell me how they bang a gong your world I’m in your world (2x) shadows in the alley at midnight […]

Telegram Sam – T. Rex

telegram sam you’re my main man golden nose slim golden nose slim i know’s where you ‘bin purple pie pete […]

Teenage Dream – T. Rex

surprise, surprise the boys are home my gaurdian angel run down my telephone the heats on, mister can’t you hear […]

All Alone – T. Rex

With my chrome guitar Even Michael Mouse He has a house with someone there You handsome bitch, you movie twitch […]

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