Category: TAHITI 80

Mr. Davies – Tahiti 80

In a town called L. A. He drinks champagne for breakfast In his swimming pool He has a sister named Victoria She lives somewhere in Australia To visit her he takes his private jet He’s now a gifted pilor He doesn’t care for his brother No more place in the picture book And he gives […]

Made First (Never Forget) – Tahiti 80

With three fairies above my head Contemplating the reason they were there Oh power is the law you find out as you grow But I’ve been waiting and waiting in vain And there’s still nothing new in my hands Love is a state I hope I’ll never forget If I could know my fate Things […]

Hey Joe – Tahiti 80

First why did we let him go A star of second-hand record markets Sweet eyes with a bow tie and it’s done Hey Joe! How can we know What you’ve been doing all these years? It’s not that I’m asking you for money I just want you by my side His brother Marc and his […]

Heartbeat – Tahiti 80

Won’t you forgive me that’s all I can do Can you feel my heartbeat When I’m close to you I’ll never find another way to say I love you more each day It’s quite romantic I know That’s how I wanna feel today… I wanna feel this way Can you feel my heartbeat When I’m […]

Yellow Butterfly – Tahiti 80

Like a possible lover again? I am fed up to be Your twin brother you’re not my sister And everytime I think of that I want to… I wanna say to you I wanna talk to you When I look into your eyes I see a yellow butterfly When I look into your eyes I […]

Easy Way Out – Tahiti 80

You bend you head and run away If it’s not true I wish it were Cos’ we still talk but it’s even worse You don’t even dare to look into my eyes In the past we used to talk For so many hours About things that only We could understand Now I wish I could […]