If You Sleep – Tal Bachman

Figure of divine perfection No one’s loved with more affection Soul to soul we’ve breathed Oh, I won’t let The […]

I Wonder – Tal Bachman

How I look like you And how we share the same eyes Yes, he swears I’m just a smaller form […]

Romanticide – Tal Bachman

Another grand surprise Your rapier wit cut me down to size You love to pass your time Looking for ways […]

Beside You – Tal Bachman

Throughout the passing years As all the world seems ever changing We share the smiles and tears Of life, with […]

Looks Like Rain – Tal Bachman

Your aspirations glew like flies You took the planet by surprise You truly believed But of course you’d been deceived […]

I Am Free – Tal Bachman

Wreath ’round this ground I call my own While dark, concrete sky Blacks out the sun with icy night Even […]