Down For The Count – Talib Kweli

Yeh, check it out now (uhh uhh uhh) Rah Digga y’all, Dirty Harriet (uhh!) Kweli, Xzibit, new millenium! (C’mon, check it) [all] One, two, three, four [Rah] Grimy bitch stomp the bogey outside your front door (yeah) Puffin on Goodie, eatin tuna and rye Blow the spot with some old school shit from junior high […]

RE:DEFinition – Talib Kweli

Woaaaahhhhhhh! One two three, Mos Def and Talib Kweli We came to rock it on to the tip-top Best alliance in hip-hop, wayohh I said, one two tree, Black Star shine eternally We came to rock it on to the tip-top And Hi-Tek make the beat drop, wayohh [Talib Kweli] RE:DEFinition, turning your play into […]

Touch You – Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli, DJ Hi Tek, Reflection Eternal (Chorus) [Supa Dav West] We Make the Music That Change your life ‘Bout to touch you just right All night we gonna to shine the light ‘Bout to touch you just right [Piakhan] Piakhan floating on the mighty clouds of joy Building a future, yo, for my baby […]

Twice Inna Lifetime – Talib Kweli

Yo, we been through this before right? (Word, word…) So we figurin’, if we gonna do it, we gotta freak it, y’know what I’m sayin? (True, true, true…) Cuz everything gotta go up from here, right? So Hi-Tek, turn it up a notch… [Jane Doe] Hail Mary, ‘matta fact hail Jane Niggaz take my name […]

Too Late – Talib Kweli

Like it’s way crunk, yeah, Fake punks get they face lumped Sent to the most high, by the most fit You gotta do, fuck that almost shit The fam is close knit You diggin’, know the clock don’t stop tickin’ Glocks still spittin’, the whole block politickin’ Lik epresidents with they minds dead on arrival […]

Big Nel From Da Natti – Talib Kweli

we ’bout to get the thang started Know what I’m sayin’? The year 2000 I’m ’bout to let these muthafuckas know, Big D representin’ All the way from the C. O. Cinncinnati, Ohio – that’s what it is Ay yo I’m givin’ some shout-outs to my kids I’m just a real-ass nigga from the Natti […]

Children’s Story – Talib Kweli

like POW! POW! POW! [Child #2] Whaaaaa??! [Mos Def] Alright y’all, alright y’all enough of that it’s time to go to bed y’all Time to go to bed — I don’t wanna hear that You know what time it is, you know what time it is [Children] Uncle Mos? [Mos Def] Yeeesss? [Children] Would you […]

The Blast – Talib Kweli

Talib.. T’Kwi, Kweli – I can’t say it! That’s wack.. [Talib Kweli] (Vinia Mojica) Yeah, you pronounce my name (Kweli), any questions? I bring many blessings with my man Hi-Tek and he from the Natti (Natti) We make the sky crack, feel the fly track, get your hands up like a hijack Fist in the […]

Eternalists – Talib Kweli

Now here we go Here we go (come on come on) Now here we go Here we go (come on come on) Yeah [Talib Kweli] Stay strong this ain’t for the faint hearted My name’s honored cause my style is insane retarded Remain hottest from St. Marks to St. Thomas Take game farther than the […]

Brown Skin Lady – Talib Kweli

Be like yo, let me ask you somethin I wanna know, I wanna know who you are *Mos Def singing* [Mos] Brown skin lady, hey hey [Talib] Yes [Mos] Where you goin [Talib] This goes to the brown skin ladies [Mos] Brown skin lady [Talib] Yo, indigineous women of the planet Earth [Mos] What you […]

Respiration – Talib Kweli

“;We did umm, two whole cars It was me, Dez, and Main Three right? And on the first car in small letters it said ‘All you see is..’ and then you know big, big, you know some block silver letters that said ‘..crime in the city’ right?”; “;It just took up the whole car?”; “;Yeah […]

This Means You – Talib Kweli

[T. K] Give it to ’em (c’mon) [Mos] Yo! [T. K] Give it to ’em [Mos] GET, UP, NOW! [Talib Kweli] Yo, we keep it type raw, and know exactly what we fight for when the nightfall come, we in the right war Cats who spill blood for a cause, not just because Defy the […]

Move Somethin’ – Talib Kweli

C’mon c’mon ya ya ya ya ya Get ’em up, get ’em up what Get ’em up, get ’em up what Get ’em up, get ’em up what Yo, yo, yo What’s with the melodrama? Fella’s wanna hover in my cypher like a helicopter Like it’s a special honor The stealth bomba, gem droppa Make […]