Consider The Rain – Tanita Tikaram

It’s taken with looks It wont tell a story But I’m glad I forgot everything that you say I choose the colours And reword the lines Now somebody’s second heart Ain’t the first of mine Consider the rain now Out in the cold Maybe I love you But our dreams grow old Outbid my fortune […]

This Story In Me – Tanita Tikaram

As if you’re carried along I’ve seen – Some strange things and He says: “;I’m used to winning”; Hearts abound “;I’m used to striking bands”; The sound I’m used to turning every leading Story in me Believe this story in me The scene’s A young man It’s the same self-same man It’s the – way […]

We Almost Got It Together – Tanita Tikaram

And I’ll be your favourite thing Stand by the river with hard-luck eyes And I’ll just be open and sing I was only trying to surprise I wish I was like the frog-princess And I’d never tell you lies And down by the soil of the hard-life They like to greet us with smiles They […]

Hot Stones – Tanita Tikaram

In a beat up town And I’m beat up black and blue Oh, I do not have the energy And I’m beat up street And I’m beat up tight And we’ve been so drawn together, each other I do not have the energy And wisdom Trip over again Wisdom Trip over again You beat it […]

Good Tradition – Tanita Tikaram

There’s a good tradition of love and hate staying by the fireside And though the rain may fall – your father’s calling you You still feel safe inside And though your ma’s too proud – your brother’s ignoring you You still feel safe inside Oh, was this solo? Was this yesterday? Was this true for […]

Back In Your Arms – Tanita Tikaram

I have opened my house but it’s not like a home without you And I really don’t want to feel that you’re not here ’cause I would be Back in your arms, I would be Back in your arms I’d keep on calling you Yeah, I’d keep on calling you No this isn’t the season […]

To Drink The Rainbow – Tanita Tikaram

Can you see it? My eyes dreamt it My eyes sent it a thousand pieces ‘Course I love it It makes me cold Amongst the ashes Drinking the rainbow Can you tell me? How to turn? The very feelings, the very feelingd That make me burn The very music I have heard Inside your heart […]

Feeding The Witches – Tanita Tikaram

To hold – a good – conversation If I – feel – big – and ballooning If I – turn up – today If I – can’t be – appreciated I – won’t be – ‘preciated – at all And if I – look – red – and – confusing Well, I – am all […]

World Outside Your Window – Tanita Tikaram

‘Cos my red suitcase and my ray-bans Weren’t quite so I’d bear the heavy wind and rain that falls I’ll never come back again ‘Cos you know I laugh when winter shows her hand Well, that picture framed the saddest thing you’ll see But it bought me time and a place that love could be […]

Sighing Innocents – Tanita Tikaram

A standing ovation, baby Give me a road Which I can tail You don’t know nothing, baby So don’t pretend Or you might pay Cost It’s costing me nothing, baby I might feel some shame But I don’t care And if you won’t mind Just moving the fireside, baby I’d rather be cold Than lying […]