Celluloid Zero – Tarsha Vega

Realer than the dealer pushin’ herb as oregano Connecting all my dots of yesteryear Exotic images of life and they be crystal clear Reflectin’ on the way it was supposed to be How the lovin’ and the huggin’ and the Marvin useta set us free Now u be the slick like the MC Ricky D […]

Diamonds And Monsters – Tarsha Vega

She knew that she was different and she couldn’t pretend That she hadn’t been abused by some messed up dudes When her daddy said goodbye step-daddy moved in – Unwanted hands under the sheets up in the sleepless nights Where she’s afraid to dim the lights ‘n monsters creep in the night And she keeps […]

Coney Island High – Tarsha Vega

Impact u like the tooth u call the wisdom Shirley Chisolm from the boogie down to b. k. in my pumas and kappas Tarsha Vega’s a dapper rapper I expand with Frank Zappa Beta kappa on the mic like MC Lyte drink cappuccino We flow at casinos from Las Vegas to Reno Cause life’s a […]

Da One – Tarsha Vega

I paid my dues and now I’m makin’ moves this year year Turn up the radio I kicks it very crystal clear Where beats combine with rhyme to blow your mind the atmosphere Is getting heated like a thermostat U hear my vocal then ya say “;yo who the hell is that?”; Some other isht […]

Shine On – Tarsha Vega

Where there’s no where to go but down Ariba en un pueblo Que no esta en nada Walkin’ round in circles in the pouring rain Waitin’ for ya luck to change The weather vane is spinning out of control wit no directional plane And that’s a metaphor for u cause yo ya feelin’ the same […]

Leroy! – Tarsha Vega

Leaving me a message freak my dreams – Got my number from a friend at a magazine X-Friend now all my calls they get screened Yo I’m over minor leagues Now I’m up in the game For a fee of 2 G’s trademark my name Leroy I be the mellow never front on the fame […]

Goodbye Girl – Tarsha Vega

When I was walkin’ down ya street ya didn’t notice me My heart would skip a beat Diggin’ u like I was diggin’ soul music Diggin’ u but baby u abused it See I was different from the rest and all the girls that u caressed I might suggest that u go deeper baby here’s […]