Time – Tarsha Vega

New York to London be like under the gun U learn the dic-tion Respect ta Big Pun But ya teachers […]

Rooftops – Tarsha Vega

Stayed in bed all mornin’ just to pass the time To unwind I wrote a rhyme ripped it up & […]

Celluloid Zero – Tarsha Vega

Realer than the dealer pushin’ herb as oregano Connecting all my dots of yesteryear Exotic images of life and they […]

Da One – Tarsha Vega

I paid my dues and now I’m makin’ moves this year year Turn up the radio I kicks it very […]

Shine On – Tarsha Vega

Where there’s no where to go but down Ariba en un pueblo Que no esta en nada Walkin’ round in […]

Leroy! – Tarsha Vega

Leaving me a message freak my dreams – Got my number from a friend at a magazine X-Friend now all […]