Performer TASH

SmokeFest 1999 – Tash

Smoke this blunt Yo, everybody grab a seat, welcome to Smoke Fest ’99 I’m glad you all could make it […]

Blackula – Tash

[J-Ro] At nighttime I’m on the prowl, and I’m livin foul like Blackula Got a microphone made out of chrome […]

Ricochet – Tash

Mm.. sing that shit for daddy baby Pump this motherfucker up.. richochet, ricochet RICHOCHET (ricochet, ricochet) RICHOCHET (yo homies, one […]

The Game – Tash

treats me the same treats you the same ohh, treats me the same treats YOU the same ohh, nobody ohh, […]

Fallin On – Tash

Let’s dive right in they ass quick fast and in a hurry Tell em what, tell em what While you […]

Tash Rules – Tash

Ya ya yah.. (4X) [Tash] It’s almost 2000 y’all; so this gon’ be the night.. While you trippin off yo’ […]

Rap Life – Tash

Uh, expensive things, diamond rings and things You know, rap life, rap life, say what, ah, uh Rap niggaz, we […]

Nightfall – Tash

Slow-motion-style Pacific Ocean-style (Wh-what?) [Verse one] I’m in a rowdy-ass club There’s hella-bitches all around me This girl walks up […]

G’s Iz G’s – Tash

(Who we got?) We got Catash and Kuruption What the fuck is yo’ function? We got Catash and Kurupt ‘Bout […]

Tru Homies – Tash

[Tash] Likwit Crew baby We bout to take this one ghetto, ghetto Universal universe The solar system, the solar system […]