These Walls – Teddy Geiger

The water’s rising up to my knees And i can’t figure out How the hell i wound up here Everything seemed okay when i started out the other day Then the rain came pouring down And now im drowning in my fears And as i watch the setting sun I wonder if im the only […]

Thinking Underage – Teddy Geiger

Lets see what happens later on I’m 16 the world just opened wide I’ve got a pocket full of change I’m tired of thinking underage Just cut this string and let me fly Say goodbye, say goodbye Chorus Forgive me mom and dad If the music makes you sad Nothing can prepare us for the […]

Possibilities – Teddy Geiger

And the sky is falling on down I don’t wanna wake up if I’m dreaming Don’t think I’ll ever get out of my bed And every moment brings a surprise And my eyes won’t open I feel something’s different I’m growing out of my skin Chorus Goodbye my fears I feel that we have parted […]

Night Air – Teddy Geiger

But not so easy as before Did you notice Did you take the time to listen To my breath or to my words When I spoke I explained my feelings And my reasons for the way I love you I’m getting to the point And I feel like I do Even more now that I’m […]

Look Where We Are Now – Teddy Geiger

Under the sweet December rain Just a crack of yellow light To shine on my head You’ll find that I fought for the right To laugh with my eyes till tears would fall And the salt would hit my lips With some love to help me survive Don’t you want it? I’ve never seen anyone […]

Seven Days Without You – Teddy Geiger

Waiting for the sun to kiss the sea Paralyzed by the fragrance of the flowers They remind me of you and me Chorus There’s one love in a lifetime Our two hearts of a kind These three reasons you’ll be mine Four and five and six are through Seven days without you, Seven days without […]

Air Dry – Teddy Geiger

You’re pouring dragons in my cup Don’t try it, I can’t cope with it We’ll get over it, yeah I’m over it I’m tired of night and I can’t breathe You blew me off so easily It’s different between you and me And I’m over it, you’ll get over it Chorus I’m not the jealous […]