Teddybear – Toy-Box

Let us light a candlelight
Voulez-vous couche
‘Cause it’s cozy here tonight
Aha you’re wearing Calvin Klein
And I am not a fool
There must be something in the wine
‘Cause I think I love you

Kiss me here, and kiss me there
I wanna be your little teddybear
Kiss me here, and touch me there
Come on and show me that you really care

Mon cheri baby
I am burning for your touch
Je ne sais pas pourquoi
But I really missed you much
My God, you’re wearing Calvin Klein
Is this a deja-vu?
There must be something in the wine
‘Cause I feel for you

…(see above)

Baby, I’ll never let you down
‘Cause the first time I saw you
I was like Wow

Lyric Teddybear – Toy-Box