Escher – Teenage Fanclub

Tell your sins to me and I’ll do them all over with you I know it’s speed so I hope you’ll come over And I don’t know if I’m going up or down, with you Don’t know if I’m coming going up or down, with you But I don’t mind Change my thoughts of you […]

Tears Are Cool – Teenage Fanclub

I wanna talk to you don’t want something that I get for nothing I wanna talk to you I know when something isn’t worth discussing You might say I know but you always knew I could be unkind but I can’t be cruel All my lies are false but your heart is true When I […]

Happiness – Teenage Fanclub

My laziness’ll see me through Happiness is all I need The truth is never guaranteed I’ll let my state of mind content me ’til I know where my life has sent me to All day long is long enough To fill my head with useless stuff Wisdom sometimes comes my way Stolen from the words […]

The Cabbage – Teenage Fanclub

Goodbye girl Where did you go? Woke up this morning and I didn’t know We were together but now we’re not Asked you for nothing that’s what I got It’s okay, even better this way That’s what they’ll tell you That’s what they’ll say Are we together? I guess we’re not Do you still want […]

Speed Of Light – Teenage Fanclub

Drive an easy road If you’re looking for direction Don’t forget to set your seat and go Take an easy road All you need is information Everything is there to know Only you and me add up Only you and me add up Speed of light stars and planets Taking over understand it Speed of […]

Straight & Narrow – Teenage Fanclub

You were going round the bend and looking for a friend Well you took off optimistic but you landed on your head and now you’re walking dead [Chorus] What did you find In the maze of your mind Did it feel like the end of the road Cigarettes they burnt your fingers you were weak […]

Can’t Feel My Soul – Teenage Fanclub

What I’m seen through Is what I’ve seen And what I’ve been through Is what I’ve been Now I’ve found out What I need Where I’ve been to Is what I am What I’m doing Is what I can Now I’ve found out What I need I can’t feel my soul Without you I can’t […]

The Town And The City – Teenage Fanclub

in the cool air and the driving rain in the first light that morning brings high five to future things Chance is waiting just outside the door arrange the space??se change is heading here for sure if you can’t see it right away you’ve got to listen, you’ve got to listen don’t just walk away […]

Star Sign – Teenage Fanclub

Hey there’s a horseshoe on my door; big deal. And say there’s a black cat on the floor, big deal. If these things make your day Well if these things change your day Well do you know where you belong? And is your star sign ever wrong? If these things change your day, Well if […]

Eternal Light – Teenage Fanclub

I guess if everyone listens There’s no one left to fight. In your heart someone’s there I’m sixty years old With nothing left to say. Why does it really prove When you? away Seems the message is Gotta serve the sun Now you don’t know When to listen or just let it go Then I […]

Ain’t That Enough – Teenage Fanclub

If you can I wish you would Only if you feel you should Bring your loving over All adds up with circumstance All stood up with taking stands Bring your loving over Highlights glisten Silence listens Days that found you Embrace that found you Here is a sunrise Aint that enough True as a clear […]

Going Places – Teenage Fanclub

Bound in motion Found my headwind was blowing fine I’ve requested the stars to shine For words that no longer rhyme Drank the ocean Moved my feet to a different sound Tried to find what was left unfound It’s funny how it lets you down Just kick my feet off the ground, I’ll embrace the […]

Metal Baby – Teenage Fanclub

Metal baby, I met her, baby I’m her mother and she’s got me on her arm Metal baby, I met her, baby Got her finger round the trigger of her gun. I’m not the sort of person she’ll admit she knows… She’s not the sort of person as driven white as snow… Metal baby, my […]

I Don’t Want Control Of You – Teenage Fanclub

I don’t want control of you Doesn’t matter to me The very heart and soul of you Are places I wanna see Everyday I look in a different face Feelings getting stronger with every embrace I don’t want a world of pain Staring at every tear Don’t want this love to stay the same Growing […]

Alcoholiday – Teenage Fanclub

There are things I want to do but I don’t know If they will be with you, if they will be with you There are things I want to say but I don’t know If they will be to you, if they will be to you Listen ever get a feeling when you’re taken by […]

Radio – Teenage Fanclub

I think I’ll kill the radio, don’t want to hear this song Can’t relate to yesterday, what we did was wrong yeah…mmm… But now you lighten up my day with your views Just out of school and you’re “;that’s so cool”; Baby, justify the reason behind your style Find a craze that fits and stay […]

Chords Of Fame – Teenage Fanclub

Found him by the stage last night He was breathing his last breath A bottle of gin and a cigarette was all that he had left I can see you making music cause you carry your guitar God help the troubadour who tries to be a star (Chorus) So play the chords of love my […]

Weird Horses – Teenage Fanclub

See See what I wanna find I can find it by myself But I feel I feel like I recognize what I see in someone else When I feel like I’m fucked up I don’t know if the stars have been stuck up and somewhere behind time has snuck up Why Why is a friend […]

Discolite – Teenage Fanclub

Could you light me up on what I’m doing And waken up the sleeping words inside my head The morning that surrounds you The feelings that have found you Can grow every world you’ll ever need If you think there’s a better place to see Get your mind made up on me Got another thing […]

Everybody’s Fool – Teenage Fanclub

I think you’re really cool Everbody looks at you ‘Cause you’re everybody’s fool I don’t fuckin’ care (I don’t fuckin’ care) What clothes you wear (What clothes you wear) You’re still fucking square You say you’ve taken lots of drugs You really must be hip But you’ll never get to know yourself When you’re underneath […]

About You – Teenage Fanclub

I always knew the way about you I always knew the way about you Always on my mind Always take my time Take my time and I can find my way I never took the time to see through I always knew the way about you Always on my mind Always take my time Take […]

The Concept – Teenage Fanclub

She wears denim wherever she goes Says she’s gonna get some records by the Status Quo Oh yeah…Oh yeah… Still she won’t be forced against her will Says she don’t do drugs but she does the pill Oh yeah…Oh yeah… I didn’t want to hurt you oh yeah… I didn’t want to hurt you oh […]

Start Again – Teenage Fanclub

I don’t know if you can hear me I’m feeling down and can’t think clearly Even though it’s complicated We’ve got time to start again I don’t know if you can hear me Some things I’d change but it’s too late I’d take the past and make it straight Even though it’s complicated We’ve got […]

Ret Liv Dead – Teenage Fanclub

If you don’t care, why are you standing there? You’re all alone with the memory Thinking about something that will never be Just get out of here, wait for the airplane You’re all alone and you’ll never see that everybody hated you apart from me Don’t know what to do Say you need her but […]