Tell Me – Total

I like that.
That’s right.
We gon’ smooth it out a little bit,
For all you players out there.
And we gonna sex it up a little bit,
For all you lovers out there.

Verse One:
Every woman wants a man,
Who can satisfy her desires.
But you can’t understand,
That you got me waiting for your love,
And I need to hear the word from you.

Tell me what you want me to do,
‘Cause baby I’m waiting,
Waiting for an answer from you.
Tell me what you want me to do
‘Cos baby I’m waiting,
Gotta hear a word from you baby.

Verse Two:
Baby, I’m not afraid,
To speak from my heart to you,
What I feel is so true.
Take me, embrace me,
Don’t keep me waiting for you,
Give me your loving.

Repeat Chorus

Gotta tell you how I feel,
Love so good it seems unreal.
Really need your love right now,
Make it work somehow.
So won’t you tell me what I gotta do babe,

Lyric Tell Me – Total