Speed Kills – Ten Years After

Well, run your Chevy down the highway, doing 95 Got his V-8 engine buzzing like a hive Gotta catch that mail train, just to stay alive Well, he wrote his baby a letter when he was in pain Well, he told his little baby “;Don’t wanna see you again”; Well, he’s gotta drop that letter, […]

You Can’t Win Them All – Ten Years After

‘Cause sometimes you fall flat on your face on the floor You can’t win them all It’s no good at all if you feel that your life is a bore You’ve got to hang loose to keep from the noose And you’ve got to learn to use your brain You’ve got to live right and […]

Turned Off T. V. Blues – Ten Years After

It’s so cold, cold outside, snow is laying all around There is blackness in my window, and the silence is the only sound Well I’m sitting and I’m thinking though I like to watch T. V. It just fills my head with garbage that my eyes ain’t surposed to see Got the turned off T. […]

Circles – Ten Years After

Wonder will it ever end If I die, baby, will you miss me Or just find another friend Does it matter what I do Live life right or bear a grudge? Does it matter what I do Is there anyone to judge? I have been to many places I have journeyed through the mind Though […]

Choo Choo Moma – Ten Years After

My life without you is just misery and pain, come back to me I’ll treat you best I can Choo choo Moma, you should have a choo choo man Choo choo Moma, won’t you ride a rail? I need your loving, can’t you hear me wail, come back to me You know I love you […]

Spider In My Web – Ten Years After

Spider in my web, baby, sitting and waiting to catch a fly Sitting in my web, darlin’, just waiting for you to pass me by Sitting here, darlin’, sitting here all alone I’m sitting here, baby, sitting all alone Baby, when I catch you, I’m gonna take you to my home My web isn’t very […]

Me And My Baby – Ten Years After

Me and my baby never get the blues Me and my woman got nothing left to lose Me and my baby never get uptight Me and my baby never get uptight Me and my woman never do a damn thing right Me and my baby always feeling good Me and my baby always feeling good […]