Tell Me What U Think – Terror Squad

[Tony Sunshine] Yo If you want it in the morning and you need it in the night I’m a give it to you baby I’m a give it to you right [Sapphira] Would you do whatever I want? Would you give me all that I need? [Fat Joe] Ugh yo yo Don’t need to tell […]

My Kinda Girls – Terror Squad

Word up [ Tony Sunshine singing ] I know this girl The bitch you fucked for free As long as she knows that you’re down Then it’s alright with me So come on over And run this train with me We get her pissy drunk And roll a dutch and blow some trees But anticipate […]

War – Terror Squad

Yo, I’ma lay the law with A. K.’s or metaphors Make way for the ghetto roar, these days I set it off Y’all hardcore, that’s why I batter you all Shatter they jaw, batter the core to make a fad??? Terror Squad to my death, tombstone on my chest With the chrome in the vest, […]

Bring It On – Terror Squad

Yea yea, what uh, Terror Squad uh, from the streets to the jail cell I mean, my niggaz is facin death penalties and all that Charlie Rock el D Yea yea, this go out to you my nigga Yo, yo Verse 1: Aint no solution for this Since day one I been true to this […]