Performer TESLA

Stir It Up – Tesla

Yeah, they all want it fo free. These days, now nothin’ cost ya somethin’. No tellin’ what it could be. […]

EZ Come EZ Go – Tesla

You had it right in the palm of your hand, right before your eyes Now it’s gone and you don’t […]

Be a Man – Tesla

Bustin’ ass all day Just to put food on the table. And I always will for as long as I […]

2 Late 4 Love – Tesla

One two three four! I can’t believe this fucked up world in which we’re livin’ in Still I do the […]

She Want She Want – Tesla

Yeah! Hot damn, shit She want money, she want car, she want jewelry Wants it all, still want more, yeah […]

Changes – Tesla

Changes, time’s makin’ changes in my life Rearrangin’, can’t seem to stop the hands of time I remember, I was […]

Look @ Me – Tesla

Well i’d never break your heart, now tell me would you break mine Re-wind and clean the slate, wipe away […]

Recognize – Tesla

Such a beautiful baby Gonna teach him what’s wrong and what’s right Gonna show him direction With love and affection […]

Rubberband – Tesla

You should never take more than you can lend Unless you wanna break you’re gonna have to bend Keep your […]

Solution – Tesla

Down to the wire, on the end of the road Down to the wire, and the kids don’t know Mother […]

Gettin’ Better – Tesla

All that rain outside my window, but all and all, I know It’s gettin’ better every day Soon the sun […]

Can’t Stop – Tesla

She’ll catch a young man’s fancy. A-love ’em, leave ’em alone. I should-a seen it comin’. She took me for […]

Shine Away – Tesla

All is well, as it could ever be All is well, as it could ever be All is well, as […]

Shine Away – Tesla

All is well, as it could ever be All is well, as it could ever be All is well, as […]

Need Your Lovin’ – Tesla

I’ll be lovin’ you come morning, day to day, dust to dawn Feelin’ you’re the reason I won’t be leavin’ […]

Love Me – Tesla

It’s day and I’m feelin’ high, what’s the chances for you and I I’ve got a love on my mind, […]

Had Enough – Tesla

Drinkin’ double shots, feelin fine. Mmmm, I like it! I like the way, the way it makes me feel. Now, […]

Alot to Lose – Tesla

I thought I saw the light, was it real or something I’m imagining I thought I saw the light, if […]

Got No Glory – Tesla

I’m keeping it real so never mind the taste, Cause i know there’s nothing deeper than truth, So give me […]

Games People Play – Tesla

All the games people play now, every night every day now Never meaning what they say now, never saying what […]

Action Talks – Tesla

Hey, what’s the deal man, don’t it feel like something’s goin’ on What’s goin’ down what’s goin’ around, and I’m […]

Love Song – Tesla

Alright! Now this next song, I’m gonna leave the stage, I’m gonna leave you people with the man on the […]

Caught in a Dream – Tesla

These are thoughts all through my brain, that I daydream everyday That I’m alive and well, and right now, I’m […]

Lady Luck – Tesla

In seconds flat my heart she could steal. Lookin’ ev’ry bit of a where it’s at. More like breakfast, lunch […]

Toke About It – Tesla

Says she doesn’t need it, she can do without it If I try to push it, she’ll say shove it! […]

Into the Now – Tesla

Old and rusted, with your busted bones Break the crystal ball, you’re on your own Wipe away the fear of […]

Come to Me – Tesla

If something’s got you down, it’s just one of those days That you find you’ve been caught in the middle, […]

Earthmover – Tesla

Now I know why the man on the moon Won’t show his face, I wouldn’t if I was you Go […]

Time – Tesla

You’ve got to wake up ev’rybody, Seven-thirty o’clock, It’s time to go to work. A-send the young to school, Gonna […]

Party’s Over – Tesla

You’re askin’ me for a second chance. I don’t care, baby, what you say, All I wanna do is gotta […]

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