Performer TESLA

Lady Luck – Tesla

In seconds flat my heart she could steal. Lookin’ ev’ry bit of a where it’s at. More like breakfast, lunch […]

Toke About It – Tesla

Says she doesn’t need it, she can do without it If I try to push it, she’ll say shove it! […]

Into the Now – Tesla

Old and rusted, with your busted bones Break the crystal ball, you’re on your own Wipe away the fear of […]

Come to Me – Tesla

If something’s got you down, it’s just one of those days That you find you’ve been caught in the middle, […]

Earthmover – Tesla

Now I know why the man on the moon Won’t show his face, I wouldn’t if I was you Go […]

Time – Tesla

You’ve got to wake up ev’rybody, Seven-thirty o’clock, It’s time to go to work. A-send the young to school, Gonna […]

Party’s Over – Tesla

You’re askin’ me for a second chance. I don’t care, baby, what you say, All I wanna do is gotta […]

Cover Queen – Tesla

Looks so good, from her head to feet [Body English tights and] to me so so sweet Got a perfect […]

Miles Away – Tesla

Miles Away Such a heavy price to pay, all the time that I’ve spent missing home And I try not […]

Song & Emotion – Tesla

A lonely man and his guitar. In his eyes, I see the pain, All the faces and the places, All […]

Try So Hard – Tesla

Oh time, when it goes on and on and on again Like a driving rain, like a snowflake in the […]

The Gate/Invited – Tesla

You don’t even know, where I’ve been or where I’m coming from, at all Who was the one who said […]

Freedom Slaves – Tesla

I feel I got me some damn good reasons for feelin’ bad. Way they take away ev’ry mother’s son, If […]

What You Give – Tesla

Or maybe, who’s the one always on your mind? And who is the reason you’re livin’ for? Who’s the reason […]

The Way It Is – Tesla

Doesn’t matter who gets the best of who, or who can hurt who the most, no It never was meant […]

Before My Eyes – Tesla

She comes on softly as she moves across the room before me I can’t resist, I’m hypnotized, I’m surrounded by […]

Flight to Nowhere – Tesla

Even though I may be growin’ old, I’m never slowin’ down. No, I won’t slow down. I feel like dynamite, […]

Only You – Tesla

It’s not always easy to connect Where everything can be so complicated I know that “simply, you’re the best” I […]

Wonderful World – Tesla

I told myself, what a wonderful world Climb a tree, headin’ straight to the pond Catch some polly wogs before […]

Cry – Tesla

Any day at all, any time, any way it take me to make you mine I would give it all, […]

Paradise – Tesla

Hold me close now, hold me tight, don’t let go of me tonight You’re all I want, you’re all I […]

Makin’ Magic – Tesla

I only want to satisfy. So wind me up and watch me go, I’m gettin’ crazy as the night unfolds. […]

What a Shame – Tesla

And now this house don’t feel like home, I can’t believe how much we’ve grown So far apart, so far […]

Little Suzi – Tesla

Little Suzi’s on the up, looking for a get-away Ruby tries to bring her down, she’s lookin’ for another way […]

Yesterdaze Gone – Tesla

Yesterdaze gone. Why did she go, where’d I go wrong? Is it somethin’ that I said That made you walk […]

Hang Tough – Tesla

Looks like you just can’t win In this do or die situation. And it’s harder than it seems To survive, […]

Modern Day Cowboy – Tesla

the thunder rolled and the lightning bolts come crashin’ to the ground Cold as ice, hard as stone, as he […]