Performer TEXAS

Dream Hotel – Texas

around the table Pull up a seat if you are able Welcome to the dream hotel If you’ve been there […]

Fade Away – Texas

you know i’m never what i seem cause i don’t worry about the future my days they pass just like […]

Thrill Has Gone – Texas

Together you and I have nothing left to carry on And I’m seeing you slip away Cause you never cared […]

Postcard – Texas

I feel like staying here in heaven’s ocean I’ve been dreaming For days now Jump in the sea I do […]

Alone With You – Texas

Relieves the day When the night Relieves the day You fill my days with laughter You take away the strain […]

White On Blonde – Texas

A perfect hand reaches out Her perfect face in the morning December girl feels the same She needs to find […]

Saint – Texas

i’ll fix it, don’t worry now i’m needing you there make sure that you’re coming too all of my life […]

Black Eyed Boy – Texas

Can’t you see what I hate That it’s you who is sicking Locked behind iron gates You should know You’re […]

Prayer For You – Texas

That’s all I want you to know That I’ll never turn my back on you And leave you out there […]

Hear Me Now – Texas

i ask you this in your defence you fell for a river when all you wanted was a drink to […]

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