Let It Out – Tha Alkaholiks

That’s the Alkaholiks functions, conjunction junction The remix version for all the brothers out there that got shit on they chest and just wanna let it out [Tash] ANything you could do I could do fresher WHen I’m on the microphone I rock the shit without no pressure Cause I snuck my forty ouncer past […]

Tore Down – Tha Alkaholiks

Likwid motherfuckers came to tear the house down [Wild Child] Hey yo, last FreshFest we was rockin Good Times This LikwidFest I be bustin out rhymes When Loot Pack’s on your set we’ll take total control of your mind feet body and inner soul Multiple beats to subject to discussion Wild Child sets it off […]

All Night – Tha Alkaholiks

[Tash] Yes to party down [J-Ro] We came to party, we came to party, we came to party [Tash] Yes to party down [J-Ro] We came to party, we came to party, we came to party Verse One: Tash Aiyyo, step in my area, and I’ma bury ya Tha Likwit crew is blowin so the […]

The Next Level – Tha Alkaholiks

Welcome to the next level The L-I-K-S, what makes them motherfuckers so damn fresh Verse One: J-Ro Youse a nigga everybody diss cause you can’t bust this You got a bad name like Dick Butkis Welcome to the next level, of rhyme flowin Scratchin, hookin up beats, and hoe catchin Everytime I come home, I […]

All The Way Live – Tha Alkaholiks

Caps get peeled rolling in my force field Like a nine with hollow points I keep rap flows that’s ill So when you walkin down the block you better watch who you approachin I’m not your R&B singer, so ain’t no need for vocal coachin Just a forty and a roach and I’ll admit you […]

Who Dem Niggas – Tha Alkaholiks

I am Captain of Egor Hahahaha, this nigga is doin impressions! He’s doin impressions! Hi Tremaine… Yo Threat, you ready? (yeah) Sup? Verse One: Threat Who is you nigga who is you? I know you from somewhere (where you from) The Zoo Why you got beef with my click, fuck you punk bitch And fuck […]

Aww Shit! – Tha Alkaholiks

Now when you see me gettin drunk it’s like “;aww shit!”; When you hear this likwid funk it’s like “;aww shit!”; When I’m pushin through the crowd it’s like “;aww shit!”; There goes CaTashTrophe, Tha Alkahol-iks Verse One: Tash Now my objective with this rhymin is to take words and bounce em And twist em […]

Feel The Real – Tha Alkaholiks

Yo… who we got? Check it out, aiyyo Aiyyo, givin the women somethin they can feel, who we got? We got, we got, we got, we got, we got Tha Liks “;If y’all niggaz can’t feel me, then y’all niggaz ain’t real”; Ahh-haha, I see the whole Likwid crew is up in this motherfucker Posted […]

Funny Style – Tha Alkaholiks

Yo, I’m from Killa Cali I wrote this rhyme in an alley The tall can MC stepping fresh out the valley I’m hella fresh comin straight through your chest I blow a hole in you soul, I’m constantly on a roll Cuz in order to survive, you gots to have drive Like a rental, but […]

DeBarge Skit – Tha Alkaholiks

We got we got uhh, DeBarge brothers in the house El and James y’all What y’all drinkin on man? [DeBarge] Shit, oh you treatin? (yeah I’m treatin) Alright, I like, personally, Cherise Wheat Oh don’t start that shit El What man? Nigga go get some cold dizznizz motherfucking dizznuck Get some cold duck up in […]

Likwit – Tha Alkaholiks

I hang MC’s with my noose, watch me get loose The nigga flippin more styles than Snapple got juice Cause I’m too hot to handle, got more soul in my pinky Than a niggy pickin his afro and I left the skin not stinky The freshest, yes it’s, the rhymer with the bottle Kickin it […]

Hit And Run – Tha Alkaholiks

I pull up to front with a smash to the ground black duly Niggaz in the street gettin wild and unruly Digga B was in the front so he let me through the door I never get frisked so I pack a forty-four Straight to the bar, can I get a rum and coke? The […]

Make Room – Tha Alkaholiks

I knock em knock em out the park when other rappers are hitting bunts I’m a togger not a fogger step on hunts and don’t do stunts I got SOUL POWER never took a cold shower Never had a girlfriend the color of cooking flour You can call me sleazy cuz my rhymes are kinda […]

Mary Jane – Tha Alkaholiks

Mary Jane, Mary Jane, Mary Jane You’re always in my brain and you help me ease the pain Cuz when you’re not around I just don’t feel the same I can’t be your one and only but I know you’re not to blame I never hold ya can’t hold ya won’t hold ya down Cuz […]

21 And Under – Tha Alkaholiks

(“;Yes yes y’all, and you don’t stop”; – repeat 12X) Hello Let me tell ya about the Liks See it *echoes* say it *echoes* Ah, yo Verse One: Tash I walked into a store I stepped straight to the freezer I grabbed some forty ounces and a few Bacardi Breezers I threw em on the […]

Hip Hop Drunkies – Tha Alkaholiks

What’s yo’ naaaaaame? [ODB] *burp* My name is, Ol Dirty Bastard… and I’ma Alkaholik [Tash] Yeah me too nigga [ODB] *singin some crazy shit* [Tash] You’re now rockin with Tha Liks so start reachin for the ozone I see some girls I know but y’all look different with your clothes on What’s up though, Tash […]

Likwidation – Tha Alkaholiks

And this is how we run it down the line E-Swift is second, I’m first to rhyme The bottle’s half full, is it yours or mine Get a cup and we can get drunk, at the same time Put on your good clothes, when I come around I’m all the way down like the brown […]

Pass Out – Tha Alkaholiks

[Tash] We’re the Alkaholiks in the house! [J-Ro] Slow ass niggaz! [Tash] Hey let’s pass out some of this brew James [J-Ro] Better have some 40’s and tall cans and shit [Tash] James let’s pass some of this brew out, check it out, yo [Tash] One for you [J-Ro] One for you [Tash] One for […]

Flashback – Tha Alkaholiks

We came here to party, so get up everybody (repeat 4X) Well my name is J-Ro I came to rock the world And my name is Lil Tone I got all the girls In the place to be is Devastating E And Exhibit on the mic so viciously The Baby Bubbas in the house (repeat […]

Commercial Skit – Tha Alkaholiks

Brand new, from Likwid Crew Records It’s Tha Alkaoliks, Greatest Hits [Daaam! playing in the background] Yes, Tha Alkaholiks have the shit that’ll make you say… DAYUM! You get songs like – You Can’t Tell Me Shit [Can’t Tell Me Shit playing in the background] Yes, it’s Tha Liks baby, the most incredible rap group […]

Rockin’ With The Best – Tha Alkaholiks

[J-Ro] Uhh, ah one two [Tash] Check it out [J-Ro] Ah one two and ah, ah one two [Tash] It’s Tha Liks [J-Ro] Ah yes yes, you’re now rockin with the best Yes yes, you’re now rockin with the best Uhh, come from the what? Yes, you’re now rockin with the best [Defari] One two, […]

Only When I’m Drunk – Tha Alkaholiks

Yo whassup man, get up man [*urrp* I can’t bust man] Get up nigga, bust [I’m fucked] Get up you gotta do your verse nigga [Aight I’ll try it] Get up nigga! Verse One: J-Ro I get drunk and I stumble to the phone And conjure up a bitch to bone when I’m alone OHh […]