That Which Lies Upon – Angelcorpse

Lascivious – that which lies upon
A chimera of orgiastic buggery
Sodomite pedophile gaping welterd cunt
The tenderness of little girls is not unknwown to me
Ripping sacred vestments – venereal debauch
Frozen phalanx thrusts
Dampened walls summmon hallucinations
Erupting wicked cold that burns like fire

Daughters of joy await the vulgar visitation
Depravity nocturnal – emissive lusts they crave
Inject impurity filth and fornication
A winged satyr raping unsullied maids
A lewdness flailing enter clubbing whip
Bestial defloration serpent riding virgin whores
Their bloodied gates wide open for all to see
Into the realm (of the) despicable unborn

Urinary baptism and licked clean
Eat until it poisons me
Enslaved to those fleshly folds
Erected into bleakness

Unchaste phantasmagoria
The salacious sordid pulse prevails
Corrupting every orifice
Greedy for love

This flesh corrupt
On bestial bloodstained wings
Rites of disgust
The incubus obscene

Lyric That Which Lies Upon – Angelcorpse