The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter – Amon Amarth

Raging across the world
With a fury that defied the memory of man
Terrible wars were fought,
The like has never been seen
Men slew without a thought
The ties of kinship were no more

Skoll and Hati, the ravenous wolves
Arose and devoured the son and the moon
Darkness descended upon the earth
And the stars fell from the skies
Loud blows Heimdall’s horne in the air
Odin quests the head of Mim
Now shakes the holy ash where it stands
The ancient tree moans, Fenris breaks free

How are the Aesir?
How are the Alves?
Loud sounds Jotunheim
Aesir comspire
By the stonedoors dwarves are moaning
The mountains wise men
Know you now or not?

With his shield in hand
Hrym travels from the east
The serpent is turning, enormous in rage

Lyric The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter – Amon Amarth