The Battle Of Waterloo – Running Wild

Marshy fields and pouring
rain all the blood and cannon’s fire, cuirassier’s attack
British grenadiers stand tight
Wellington’s command
“Bluecher or the night” but no Prussian on the sight

The Battle of Waterloo, a sea of blood that stains the fields
The Battle of Waterloo, lead and steel the bloody gods
The Battle of Waterloo, they fight and die, fall one by one
The Battle of Waterloo, a tribute to the bloody death

Fight, fight – you have to stand unite
Kill, kill – come on and have your thrill
Bleed, bleed – your blood flows on the field
Die, die – but nobody will ever cry for you

The French guard marches on and on straight towards British lines
Bluechers Prussians join the fight storming the fire side
The French guards fall one by one but
Napoleon has gone
Do you know who’s paying the costs?

Lyric The Battle Of Waterloo – Running Wild