The Blessed Pestilence – Desaster

And the 14th century had seen
Pandemic spawned out at black sea
While Kaffa lay siege to Khan Djam Bek’s hordes

His soldiers fall one by one
The pest brings fast the end of war
The last he did was throwing corpses over Kaffa’s wall
The hawkers sail to Italy to spread disease we’ve never seen
To sell their wares and bringing death from south to north of Europe

Blessed Pestilence
Insects fly my eyes
Raging suicide
My flesh needs grave
I fear
To rot in isolation
The Blessed Pestilence
Black death execution
Cleansing evolution

A swarm of rats will fever bring, their fleas infect the men of fear
The lords, the doctors, holy priests these cowards run at first


Breathing death infects your lungs
Signs of dent plague on your body
Your time is over
Can’t believe
Give in to fit this destiny
Lets start the triumph of death

Mothers kill their child’s to save from hard demise
Sadistic face of nature will lead you to your maker

Venomous blood runs my veins
Suffocate the will to be
The pest soon takes it all
Most life would surely fall

The Blessed Pestilence [x2]

To decimate the human race the fist of darkness in our face
Black death execution cleansing evolution

Triumph of death! Triumph of death! Triumph of death!

Lyric The Blessed Pestilence – Desaster