The Blood That Is Eternal – Crimson Moon

Fallen is the throne with darkness overthrown…the light drifts away.

Glory to those who raise the Dragons
sign before the altar of chaos and chant the sacred names,
that conjure the benighted.

Forever art thou
Eternal we live.
For there is life in the Blood
AZRAEL – release my immortal soul
I embrace the Angel of Death
Through the blood my soul is forever reborn.

The Blood that is forever shall flow throughout these veins.
Awakened, and eternal;
thy kindred shall usurp and reign.

I rise unto the cosmos into the vast astral seas.
I embrace the darkness for all eternity.
Through the gates of rebirth I rise before thy deity whom stirs in primordial Chaos.
Thou art spawned from the sea.

The Blood that is Eternal
of the Chaos Breed
Fills thy soul with hunger
to see thy prey bleed

Cold as the depths of Winter’s frost,
our souls are ancient.
Awakened art thou to the world of spirits of the plane,

Lyric The Blood That Is Eternal – Crimson Moon