The Chaos Path – Arcturus

Behold the sign in the sun.
Chaos upon us spawn!
The arrows of time points us all.
Oh, well, the maddening laughter
growing louder with the memories.
Atoms like incence rising, like a
thousand candles all blown out at once.
Fear tangled with despair.
This ghastly symphony of malice breaks it.
The spirit sails out on waters.
An intergalactic sea of sorrow.
Solemn oblivion with thee.
Ways of darkness.
The third eye reflects the images
of vast reluctant pasts.
Ethereal eternity awaits the final act.
It crawls towards the altar destined to collaps.
Tragic legend, eerie stratum.
Twisten, this mortal flesh invoked again,
with the echoes still haunting;
The curses chanting.
Embrace this outcast state of chaos.
After all this unalterable.
Beweep this thought, then arise with wisdom.
Nowhen I hallow in the gateway of different plains.
Open your heart and let go.
Oh Vanish. Divine infinity.
Ah, this wrath I am.
So many aeons ago since.
Ah I suffer eternally.
The inevitable did unfold.
Oh well, a collection of particles held together

Lyric The Chaos Path – Arcturus