The Clock Ticks On – Blackmore’s Night

Singing songs to stir the soul.
Rainbow colours entwined in fairytales
On the maypole…

Sing the song of lands from far away,
Other times and another place,
The wind can carry us all away from here
Charmed in her embrace…

Leaves turn to red, the nights are getting colder,
Seasons will change, the clock ticks on…
Leaves fill the trees as the days are getting warmer,
Days turn to years, the clock ticks on…

A cloak and dagger, no fear of freedom
When hearts heat in another time,
Ever changing, the clock ticks on,
If only in your mind…

The wind has died and the chimes are still again
The trees stand tall as they cover me in shade
In the mirror a maiden stares at me

Lyric The Clock Ticks On – Blackmore’s Night