The Crazy Area – Psycho Realm

Dangerous slums woods lost ‘hoods burnt spots we live in
Killing fields death fills
Concrete jungles rumbles ill
Sick projects swinging steel
Real towns around you get killed

The players in the scheme unfold and flash guns
And fill our thoughts with fuck everyone
Plots will involve action
And leave crooks in hiding crime on the run
Cops run around and patrol
But can’t handle the vandal big psyclone
Crash wants me gone
So we all fight and die and the crazy area lives on
Welcome to wild raid zones
Where sirens will pierce your ears like deaf tones
Move fast and don’t get smoked
‘Cause echoes of a massacre flood the ghetto
Stroll the roads downtown
Where the residents are masked with sad faced clowns
Come grab your straps and get down
And drown the streets in murder surround sound

In this jail cell we call hell and dwell
In well kept project homes built to tilt what’s real
We manage to kill any chance with true skill
Imprisoned until we give our lives as payment for bail
We will feel the sting misery sings about a king
Who brings angels with stripped wings
Fallen rings turned cliques who click arms in wrong street ‘nam
Destroy calm and bring fatal winds that birth harm
Create alarm by dawn they’re releasing the bomb

Lyric The Crazy Area – Psycho Realm