The Crucified Ones – Vader

Seem to reach up to the burning sky,
Damned souls grouping on the dark,
Going round the stretched arms.
Bodies, faces,
Unnaturally bended in pain,
Lifeless eyes staring at the space,
Persecution of the dying has begun.
Here’s the place of alteration,
Where life turns into other form,
Dark ritual of demons procreation,
Hear the cries – of the crucified ones.
Throbbing fleshes in the rhythm of thunder,
Blasphemy in light of raving bolts,
Nailed hands greeting angry gods,
Coming fourth to feast in blood.
Bodies, faces,
Unnaturally changed in lust,
Purple fluids streams on the wood,
Like tears of dying cross….
Here’s the place of the alteration,
Where gods turn into temporal form,
Dark ritual of demons procreation,

Lyric The Crucified Ones – Vader