The Dark Tower Of Abyss – Rhapsody

Mighty Tharos cross the line of hell it’s so near

Lost in the shadow I search for my sun
Fly and face it before the new moon
there where chaos rules

Domine deterges nubila caeld
Bellator a proposito non deterreres
Unholy vision ancestral terror
spare my mind my innocent eyes
“…And suddenly the the unreal silence is broken by a lament…
A lament coming up from the deepest Darkest abyss…
And from the seven gates of the dark fortress
the dead come back to life to face him… this is hell…”
Immortal fire now light my heart light my way
Face the old legend the guardian of space and time
Living dead on black winged demons
fly high to play with your head

Lyric The Dark Tower Of Abyss – Rhapsody