The Darkness That Embrace Me – Immortal

Blackened earth before me
Creeping fog in my way
Lurking through the shadows of another day
My hearts the darkened one
My soul on ice
Into the world beneath me
I stalk the night

Blind me moons above me
But still I shall see
In my time of wandering
Winter it will be
I’m getting nearer
T the higher mountains waits
It’s getting colder
The snow blow in my face

In our great winters land
There’s seldom sun in sight
In great king winters land
I hear clear voices of ice
Through the biting wind
At the cold northern mountains
Horizoned in wintery dreams
At the cold northen mountains

Cover the horizon
But still I shall reach
The unending darkness that embraces me

Lyric The Darkness That Embrace Me – Immortal