The Death Of Innocence – Dark Angel

My imbalanced mind is unaccepted by society,
My life is ruled by urges — sickened impropriety.
In this day and age, strangely enough, some factions remain blind,
To my manipulation of a puerile kind.

Their impressionable minds cannot tell wrong from right,
A degenerate, I am an immoral blight.
Upon the attitudes of “Unliberated” souls,
I’m sick I know,
I’m sick I know!

As a lower form of life with a psychotic rage,
That’s identified intensified against underaged.
They have no fear yet to share what is theirs,
In act of love intended for their older years.

I crawl into their brains, they love me more each day,
They’re old enough to know, I don’t care what you say.
They’re old enough to love, I don’t care what you say,
Aren’t they?
Aren’t they?!?!

I beg not forgiveness, just a cure for this sickness,
As it stands now, there’s no hope in sight.
My brain is filled with degradation, tormenting excruciation,
Decadence is ruling my life.
Bloodless lambs’ purity lost, victims of my holocaust,
My unclean hands defile without reason.
More sinned than sinning, anguished memories just beginning,
When thoughts turn upon this bitter season.

A rapist of naivete, a killer of virginity,
I stand for the death of innocence!!
Young bodies cannot stand the pain,
I’m torturing their little brains,
I am the death of innocence!
Only sickened filth, disgusting scum,
Would do the appalling deeds I’ve done,
Crushing with psychotic malevolence!
I can’t control my gross addiction,
Feeding mental pain infliction,
Fall to the death of innocence!

Ostracized by my peers in my formative years,
I’ve grown up craving unconditional love.
That’s why I’ve turned to my friends with our illegal, illicit trysts,
They’ll only understand me if they’re young.

God, I can’t believe I’m scarring their young lives for all time,
Not only bodies but their sweet, chaste, virginal minds.
I’m more than willing to, if caught, let death be my fine,
Someone catch me, I deserve to die!!

Somebody please stop or kill me!
My actions must be stopped before I strike again.
Before, I didn’t care what I was doing,
But now I know I am an aberration.

Demented brain keeping youthful slaves,
I’m a man obsessed, committing mentacide.
Sending innocence to its grave,
Standing at the coffin, set to eulogize.

Lyric The Death Of Innocence – Dark Angel