The Eye Of The Draconis – Crimson Moon

The Morning star which shines amongst black sky,
leads me towards astral gates…
gates to the paths of the Draconis.

Black wings carry me to flight,
through elemental planes of time.
Storming through Dark skies,
I see through the all seeing eye.
I transcend the prison of flesh,
rising to my astral senses.
I embrace the cold serpentine stare,
the Eye of the Draconis.
Ghastly visions of the netherplanes materialize before me within the cold abysmal dominion. I awaken thine inmost self. I see through the eyes of the Dragon, from the cold planes of solitude, amongst the shadow lands.

I evoke thee Sabnack,
through Martian ceremonial summonings.
Ignited are the 5 flames of Geburah.
I invoke thee Asmodeus,
arch-demon of the 5th infernal habitation.
Come unto thy scarlet chamber,
channel your infernal majesty, unto thee!
By sword and fire,
I call unto thee to manifest,
descend from the sphere of destruction,
the red sphere of Mars.
From the dark horse of battle,

Lyric The Eye Of The Draconis – Crimson Moon