The Festering – Dead Head

Feel the frozen hatred
Burning, inside
Watch the place where she died
Waiting for the reborn

Coming from below
To face this horrid show
Fear is in her eyes
Burn the night
You’ve got to

Waken up the dreams
Inside the horror screams
The night will fade away
Turn into day
No time for sorrow

Crying, screaming
This dream is everlasting
Nightmare, gone real
Taste the pain that you feel
Waiting for the reborn

Waiting for the kill
Time is standing still
Butchery is done
Leave her alone
You’ve got to

Take away the pain
Evil dogs remain
Sanity is lost
Hear the cry
When she will die

Bleeding, slow death
Feel the burning hatred
Frozen inside
Watch, the stage where she died
Waiting for the reborn

Lyric The Festering – Dead Head