The Fire Eternal – Dark Funeral

At night they call my name
Of my journey through the flames
Blackened eyes
Watching in the fire
Horned one
Awaits my soul in hell

Descended to the abyss
On a lifeless shore
Enshrouded in obscurity
The kingdom called my name
I saw the shadowed portals
Open before my eyes
Far away I saw the light
I entered through the chambers
In which the fire burns
The cries of damned souls
Echoed through the abyss
I gazed into the flames
Burning oh so bright
I threw myself into the deeps

Into the flames I fall
Eternally I burn
In the hellish deeps
Hell awaits my soul
Eternally I burn
Into the fire eternal


Dreamlike visions
Of a journey into hell
I burned for master satan
I burned for his throne
I heard the mournful voices
Of a thousand souls
Burning for eternity

Lyric The Fire Eternal – Dark Funeral