The Gift That Keeps On Giving – Deicide

A failed abortion to misfortune and scorn
The kindred spirit with a soul that’s possessed
I walk alone through the valley of death
Am I a figment of imagination?
Unknown to myself, the struggling to move on
Another day over, misery and regret
Can’t wait till it’s over, I am better off dead

Your scar will not stop bleeding
No sign of ever healing
My heart if filled with darkness
It’s what you always wanted
This life is not worth living
The gift that keeps on giving
A fist of adulation
I accept the word of Satan-yes I do

Behind these eyes there is nothing to see
Abominated by my choice to blaspheme
Demonic forces overriding control
The time predicted and the hour foretold
Where is the fear that keeps you closer to god?
Then I appear and you wish I would be gone
Covered in terror far beyond your belief

Lyric The Gift That Keeps On Giving – Deicide