The Good Old Days – Embracing

I? m here to tell you the story
Of an evil wizard with his great powers
He wore the master ring
And predicted the war to come
Dark was the night but darker to become
In the age of chaos I was there with him
He was my master and I was his slave
When the war broke out, we stood side by side
My sword shone and whispered through the air
Many died before me, there was nothing to regret
Everything was so easy back then
I didn? t care about anything
Oh, how I wish I could go back
To the good old days
We hunted through the warm season
And when winter came it was all over
I saw a woman weeping over her killed husband
Inside I was falling apart
But still I smiled and laughed at her
I was so twisted, crying, smiling, dying
She then suddenly looked up and faced me
Beautiful she was, but my eyes couldn? t tell me

Lyric The Good Old Days – Embracing