The Hand That Feeds – Aerosmith

Please, doctor, doctor, please
Doctor, doctor, doctor
Feel like an old diseace
Get your sweet ass off the floor
Doctor, doctor, doctor
I can’t refuse any loose harted lady anymore

I scream your name into the crowd
You feel the flame, but yo ain’t proud
Mabye your attitude ain’t right
So all that’s left for me to do is bite
The Hand That Feeds me
Feeds me

Doctor, doctor, doctor
Doctor, doctor, please

All things you put me through
What the hell you want me to
Do all the things that uncle John needs
I ain’t the dog that bites the Hand That Feeds me

In the middle of, with a spittle of
Et tu like birds of a feather
When another day, love another way
Push, shove, make love, play
Never never, never ever
Never ever, never ever
Na, na…

Doctor, doctor, doctor
Please do a-what you can
Doctor, doctor, doctor

Lyric The Hand That Feeds – Aerosmith