The Itch – Entombed

My body aches, my feelings are dead
I turn my eyes inside out
Gaze into the hell I created, Burned-Out!

Lost everything I had, for a word
My own presence makes me disturbed
I’ve put myself in a state I can’t portray
I scream coz there’s nothing left
For me to say

Stare myself blind on words I cannot see
Deep inside I feel it’s all so real, to steal
Once I had it all, inside my head
Now it’s all gone, my views are spread
Search for solutions, for peace of mind
Feels like I slip away

There’s an itch under my skin
Need to get it out before I turn insane
Day and night in hell I spend
Need to figure me out before my sanity ends
Need to get it out, The Itch
Need to get it out, The Itch

I turn my eyes inside out

Lyric The Itch – Entombed