The One Brooding Warning – Dark Tranquillity

Devoid of life
Far from the strengthening force
from which it feeds
The unbroken silence swear allegiance to thee
Behold the answers that darkness sets free

Freedom beyond the enslavement
Never let loose upon the world
can we forgive the enchanter that
dance beyond the skyline dark
The stains of fire, the one begotten ancestor
to one of far greater strength
Starvation divine

For he shall stand no taller than the flames
that is his feed
Let us not go gently
into the endless winternight
We are but strangers
acting on our fragmentary perception

Perception is the lie of the misled
Things are not what they appear
So swear by your deception

There shan’t be fire, nor shall the flame
Quench the desire to reign

Lyric The One Brooding Warning – Dark Tranquillity