The Party Song – Blink 182

My friends picked me up in their truck at 11:30
This things at a frat house but people are cool there
Reluctant I followed but I never dreamed there
Would be someone there who would catch my attention
I wasnt out looking for love or affection
Said I paid my 3 and the girls got in free
Shined the beer for tequila and we headed into the party

And in the backyard some terrible ska band
Someone in the background was doing a keg stand
This place is so lame all the girls look the same
All these guys have no game I wish I would have stayed
In my bed back at home watching TV alone
Where Id put on some porn or have sex on the phone
Far from people I hate down from anywhere state
Trying to intoxicate girls to give them head after the party

And then I saw her standing there
With green eyes and long blonde hair
She wasnt wearing underwear, atleast I prayed that
She might be the one, maybe wed have some fun
Maybe wed watch the sun rise
But that night I learned some girls try too hard
Some girls try too hard
Some girls try too hard to impress
With they way that they dress
With those things on their chests
And the things they suggest to me

I couldnt believe what this lady was saying
The names she was dropping, the games she was playing
She dated the guy who now rides for Black Flys
How shes down with the wise well-constructed disguise
Now Id rather go dateless then sit here and hate this
Her volume of makeup her fake tits were tasteless

Lyric The Party Song – Blink 182