The Perfume Of Night – Aegrimonia

the beauty from there after
ascend and then kneel before me
abyssic nights rise from the smother
No hallowed sounds like an angelvoice
shall ever sip my spirit
Black winds carried me to Carpathian source
a beheaded vampire and the (grieving) widow with it
the sunset evokes a neckless of tears
that he wore on the countess’ bane
along with a silver bracelet of fears
for her funeral never came
Boreas fondles my neck
to remind me of the blood I must steal
else I can never come back
and my body’ll never be healed
then suddonly a Carmilla caress
said there was someone I wanted to see
heaven hid from a midnight tempest
my ever love Lilith appeard to me
she confessed her passion
by the light of dancing candles
yet I could resist, altough I was she
but that wasn’t forlong she seduced
me with her fondles
the erotic desires I now set them free
as darkness my bride
and frost as our witness
we shall abandon the light
and never pay forgiveness
to the mortal souls of the children of God
burn their places & temples with fire

Lyric The Perfume Of Night – Aegrimonia